Xbox Game Pass: Microsoft’s actual Next-Gen Xbox

Xbox Game Pass: Microsoft’s actual Next-Gen Xbox

This video gaming platform is owned and designed by Microsoft. Xbox provides exclusive gaming experiences that are developed by Microsoft. The brand offers stream streaming services called as Xbox live. Xbox was launched on November 15th, 2001.

Xbox has a vast market now; Microsoft wants to provide the best quality experience to the users. Microsoft renamed it’s Microsoft’s studio to Xbox gaming studio in 2019. 

Xbox is going for something big now, they have announced Xbox game pass. On an event, Microsoft showcased the future Xbox and Xbox game studios. 

What is the Xbox Game Pass?

Like Netflix or other online streaming apps providing the whole package of movies and series to the users, Microsoft is doing the same kind of work but in terms of gaming. Xbox game pass is a kind of gaming membership for users. 

They want to provide a whole gaming package on one platform to users. Xbox game pass has ingress to 100 premium games. It’s just like the Netflix app, whether you use a tablet, Pc, or phone, you’ll have the plan. 

So, if you have a console or PC games or both, you’ll have the plan. This game pass seems to be the main center of attention that they are focusing on. 

The tons of gamers all around the world have already started subscribing to this offer. It has been observed by many developers that there is a massive demand for such an idea. The sales of the games are taking a lift, and many players are up for this. 

Microsoft seemingly has many plans to enhance these services with the help of xCloud. They will update and try their best to bring new services to the game pass. It might include game trails and others, which seems like a pretty good idea to draw more gamers towards this. 

Microsoft has supposedly released what and how the game is going to work and what the gamers can look for in this gaming membership. Although they did not reveal how and when will the games showcased by them will be accessible to the players.

 But it surely is awaited as they exhibited several games which are going to be available. Gamers love to explore new games, and this game pass would be a fair deal for them, as there would be more options to count on. 

Microsoft has enhanced the quality of the gaming experience with better graphics and effects than before. Also, new maps to explore in the game are introduced, which has created excitement.

The launch of Xbox Series X will contribute to the demand for the game pass, and it will surely be a market boosting factor. This will be a fierce competition for Play Station 5. 

According to the latest technology news, there has been a tremendous hype among the gamers for this new plan by Microsoft. But, this has slightly disappointed some of the users. 

However, ten million passes have already been sold out since the launch, which is a piece of pretty good news for Microsoft. 

This plan seems to have opened a new door for the gaming world.

It is said that by the end of September, Destiny 2, a part of Google’s Stadia Pro subscription, will turn towards the Xbox game pass. 

With this, all this the demand for the game pass is ought to increase, as the subscribers will get to resume their games where they stopped upon the renewal of the subscription and so on. 

The strategy of Microsoft is clearly paying more attention to the game pass plan than that to the Xbox Series X. 

Microsoft has proved it by saying that to play the Xbox game studios titles, which they will release in the upcoming years, the users don’t need to buy the Xbox Series X. 

 The latest news, also says that it’s seemingly visible how this 2nd next-generation Xbox is going to be a boost to turn their users towards the gaming membership. 

It is pretty clear that the game pass and the number of people taking the membership of this game pass will be the focal point and foremost concern for Microsoft.

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