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Why it was wrong to cancel exams - spiked

Cancellation of Exams:-

The epidemic of coronavirus has cancelled all the exams across the country. It created a really terrible situation for pupils in schools and colleges, as the government announced to pass them out to the next class without conducting exams. The MPs have warned students against the calculation system, as students are at risk of missing out on the grades they deserve. The government has arranged a policy to assign grades to every pupil on its performance in previous exams. Students are also worried about this process of grading without exams. However, cheap assignment help uk is continuing to help students in finishing their pending assignments which could help them too in passing their exams.


A biased Behaviour to Black students:-

The Committee of Common Education has alarmed that Black and minority ethnic students may face a subconscious biased grading and promotion behaviour. All they will face is the random prediction of teachers, which may exhibit discriminating behaviour of institutes. Exam boards will issue the final results by estimated grades for every pupil. But there is a risk for all black and minor ethnic group students to face unparalleled estimation of grades compared to white-skinned pupils.


The grading system for promotion:-

The promotion of pupils into the next class by an estimated result is quite a logical task for managements, and most students may not get the marks they deserve. But it has a positive aspect that all pupils are decided to be promoted in the next class. England’s Exams Regulator has designed a scheme that follows a check for pupils’ previous performances, including the achievements in the former academic career. Each subject will be graded by a statistical check, referring to an entirely scientific method. It is now up to staff how much efficiency and correctness they will exhibit in evaluating pupils without exam papers.


The Ofqual is deciding to use a computed logarithm to conduct an analysis of grades based on average. Moreover, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales are already using this system of grading in their evaluations. They have designed this system to avoid unrealistic high marking systems because no papers are conducted, and teachers can give all pupils high marks. Some of the students are worried about their present result because they could not perform well in previous exams. Still, this model of calibration will assess their performance throughout their last achievements.


A delay in A-levels and GCSE exams:-

The above mentioned logical scheme is only approved for primary and middle classes. Simultaneously, the exams for the General Certificate of Secondary Education and A-levels are cancelled for now and postponed to the next year. These were scheduled to be conducted at the end of March, but due to pandemic disease, it is for the first time in history that these exams are postponed for one year. The exam committee has received many applications regarding the estimated grading system; all of these submissions claimed that there might be an underestimation of our achievements in exams. They demanded to arrange a proper exam policy in order to evaluate their performances.


Declaration of Ofqual:-

Ofqual is Office of Qualifications and Examinations, a government department in England, which supervises test, exams and certificates across the country. The Deputy Chief of Ofqual issued a report to authorities which disclosed that there are pieces of evidence that reveal that Black and other pupils from disadvantaged areas are always subject to a bias evaluation in every exam. Teachers are unconsciously involved in this evil practice of discrimination. But no one is there to take notice of this issue, although pupils from Black and minority ethnic groups have complained about this issue. While teachers and management accused that anyone can be affected by biased behaviour in schools, teachers should not be criticized for this. The subject is related to unconsciousness in such a bias as without knowing the background of a person.


Most talented and able pupils from a minor ethnicity are usually underestimated in grades and marking systems, and there is no perfect system for evaluation based on equity. In some cases, pupils who possess lower levels of ability and skills are often over-estimated for their assessments. The Chairman of Education Committee, Mr. Robert Halfon, announced in a speech that experts failed to design a perfect system to evaluate grades and marks. The Committee has revised the work done by Ofqual to alleviate coronavirus’s effects on the education system. He accepted that no system for awarding grades could be perfect except for the conduction of proper exams. But the Ofqual is working to take steps seriously for the fair and just awarding of grades, resulting in reduced chances of unconscious biased and inequity against pupils of Black and other minor ethnic groups.


The Ofqual has announced to counter check the grades evaluating process once the schools have done with their work, the result will be checked out again for mistakes and consistency of grading criteria. Our responsibility is to provide each student with fair marks so that all pupils, regardless of colour and caste, are treated equally. It will also help to determine whether a teacher gave more generous grades to the pupil or less generous regarding the estimation of previous performances. It concluded that the pupils might get different grades as marked by their schools because Ofqual will perform a counter checking to monetize a fair result declaration procedure. Moreover, Ofqual will announce its marking criteria for the pupils if they are suspected of an error or biased behavior in their results. They will be able to check all subjects’ grades by tallying their performances with the standardization criteria provided by Ofqual.


On the other hand, the Association of Schools and Colleges have claimed that they are trying their best to diminish the biased practice of evaluating and ensuring pupils provide a fair and unbiased evaluation procedure. The teachers are well known to their students and can make it possible to deliver appropriate marks to each student by assessing his past performances. But all we see, the education system is bound to limitations and drawbacks, so it will be a challenging task for every teacher to award generous marks to pupils. While the model assessment tool is tested in various methods and centers to check its liability and correctness, authorities are hopeful of concluding a positive output from this model.

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