Women Hold Maximum Participation In Crypto Investment In 2020

Women Hold Maximum Participation In Crypto Investment In 2020

Gender biases had been a very negative phenomenon. It has been coming along since ancient times. It has always been a set type of notion about men playing a major role in business and other sectors. Whereas, women were subjected to minimal chores of work. But now its new modern world, and there is hardly any field or task left, which cannot be accomplished by women of today. In 2020, it has been found that the ratio of women investing in Bitcoin is more than men. They hold maximum participation in crypto investment than men.

Just like any other field, it is the much-believed notion that the cryptocurrency and blockchain fields are mostly dominated by men. But the report by CoinMarketCap stated just opposite to this norm. According to this report, during the initial phase of 2020, the number of women participants in the crypto industry has risen to around 43.24%. There are some underlying 

factors involved in this growth. 

Women Taking Keen Interest In Crypto Investment

In December, a study revealed 43% of women’s participation interested in Bitcoin investment in comparison to last year at 13%. The figure is consistently growing. When the financial circumstances became too serious, globally, people initiated investment in cryptocurrencies, as well as Gold and real estate. As per assumption, women have been much pessimistic in comparison to males, regarding the global economy, their rising interest in cryptocurrency has made them more confident towards cryptocurrency in 2020. Digital assets are now being considered a haven for women.

According to Nisa Amoils, blockchain entrepreneurs indicated the underlying factor behind the reason of active interest among women towards digital finance is the exciting opportunities in crypto investment. She adds on saying that women can churn out the best opportunities through trading and investing in Bitcoin. This clearly states the fact that demand for cryptocurrency has been high on various platforms of trading. 

It has been noticed that women are not much reserved in terms of Bitcoin investment, because of technicality behind it and volatility. After not having much faith in the economy or regular securities, amid the pandemic situation. That is why they found an alternative in the form of Bitcoin as the best crypto investment. They might not be so active in crypto trading but have taken an active initiative in the opening account. Since the beginning of the year, there has been a rise in the number of female users on top cryptocurrency exchange platforms like EXMO and CEX.io. 

Convenient Use Of Cryptocurrency

Another underlying factor behind the driving interest towards cryptocurrency and blockchain by many women is its adoption, even though slow. Currently, it has been found that maximum female users spend much on crypto investment in comparison to fiat currencies. It has been reported that the maximum number of women aged between 30 and 40 have done payment with cryptocurrencies for everyday goods including apparel and coffee. More surprising is to know is that women are having no expertise in technical knowledge or education, are also taking interest in cryptocurrency use, other than women who are literate and millennials.

Women Empowerment In Crypto Arena

Women have proved their worth by excelling in the crypto world, by experiencing different roles, be it as a developer, analyst, or company head. Statistics have also revealed that blockchain companies that are headed by women can give tougher competition to those run by men. Bancor, co-founded by Galia Benartzi, is one of the popular examples in the field of big cryptocurrency firms comprises 40 to 50% of women staff. Another example to mention is Ciara Sun, the first female executive of Huobi, having around 1,300 number of women employees. 

With the emergence of many startup firms headed by women is also the reason behind dragging the interest of female users for crypto investment. If you want clear proof of it, then you can observe it through many female participants and speakers at crypto conferences. 

Having such tremendous examples, it doesn’t leave any space for doubts on the potential of women to make it big in every sphere, be it cryptocurrency and blockchain. In today’s modern scenario, it is crime to frown upon the capability of women professionals, who are determined to rule the world with their intellect and smartness.


Gone are those days, when everything was considered to be ruled by men. Today’s modern world is opposite to its predecessor time. Now, there is hardly any field left which do not involve the participation of women. Even in the cryptocurrency arena, you will find the maximum number of women taking initiative for crypto investment. According to the report revealed by CoinMarketCap, women participants have exceeded the number of men in the crypto industry in 2020. Among many top cryptocurrencies exchanges, some women are co-founder of exchanges like Bancor. This popular crypto exchange is co-founded by Galia Benartzi. If you follow blockchain crypto news, then you will find more such examples.

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