Why Should You Invest in a Robust Livestock Weighing Scale?

Why Should You Invest in a Robust Livestock Weighing Scale?

Do you own a livestock business? Or do you run a large-scale diary? Animal measuring is of paramount importance in such capital intensive business segments. It helps you maintain a healthy herd, monitor their body weight, and keep dangerous animal diseases at bay. Apart from tracking animal health, livestock weighing is further helpful in collecting weight data and determining the ideal time for animal breeding. Moreover, animal weighing facilitates the easy measuring of feed consumption and optimal utilisation of resources. To accomplish these tasks easily and effectively, you must get your hands on a high-strength and top branded livestock weighing scale. Since you are in a business that relies on animal weighing for better decision making and streamlined performance, you should not compromise on the quality of the scale you are going to purchase. Find here the factors worth considering before you buy a livestock scale. So, let us start.

What Type of a Livestock Weighing Scale You Should Invest in?

While platforms, indicators, and load bars are some standard features of the livestock weighing scales, you need to move beyond these points & analyse other important factors for an optimal purchase decision. To begin with, you must understand whether you would like to invest in an analogue scale or a digital scale. Although analogue scales have not gone completely obsolete, digital electric scales with rich features are increasingly coming to the fore. That being said, we do not ask you to pick any random cheap and non-branded scale. To stay assured of high performance, you must buy a high-quality weighing balance from a reputable brand.

Do you want to know the attributes of a reliable and efficient livestock weighing scale? We tell you what they are. So, keep reading below.

Flawless accuracy – Before you buy a scale, be sanguine about its accuracy. That means you have to get a weighing balance that can be integrated with high-quality load cells boasting of NTEP/OIML approval. This way it gets easier for you to obtain the correct weight data after measuring the animals.

Animal-friendly design – When it comes to choosing a scale, make sure its design is animal-friendly. With a low profile platform and sliding doors, a smartly-designed livestock scale can accommodate your cattle easily and comfortably. Needless to say, using such a scale you can achieve maximum efficiency & swiftness in weighing operations.

Durable structure – To ensure long term durability, you should choose a scale that is made of stainless steel or aluminium. As these materials are corrosion-resistant, they help in enhancing the product life and maintaining the functionalities in the long run. Moreover, due to their heavy-duty construction, these scales can further be used in messy or harsh industrial environments.

Robust indicator – Without a high-quality indicator, how can you check the weight measurement results clearly? So, while selecting a scale, make sure it comes with a top-quality indicator offering highly-visible digital output. LCD with backlight is ideal to check the weight measurements even when you are using it in the sunlight.

Wall-mounted – The best thing about using digital livestock scales is they are portable and space-saving. As a result, you can easily carry them around the farm for animal weighing and simply mount them on the wall when not in use. Due to this convenient feature, you can easily weigh your animals, stay updated about their health, and take quick actions as and when needed.

Conclusion – When you invest in the right weighing scale, you can improve the weighing operations at your farm. This, in turn, helps you get the maximum returns on your investment. So, choose a feature-rich and highly functional weighing scale for better livestock management.

Author Bio – Xu Wade is the owner of HiWEIGH, one of the renowned weighing scale manufacturers in Shanghai. He has a great deal of knowledge about the latest trends and developments in the weighing industry. He also likes to write informative and easy-to-understand blogs and articles for readers who are eager to know more about the latest weighing systems and solutions.

Xu Wade

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