Why is my router not working?

Why is my router not working?

Why router suddenly stops working?

It’s happened to all of us. You’re in the middle of a raid trying to submit an assignment five minutes before it’s due or about to watch a vital penalty kick when everything just freezes. And that little yellow icon says no internet connection. Frustrating as it may be unless there’s been an infrastructure failure outside of your house, at least you know a relatively easy fix. Go over to your router, which probably has some indicator lights blooping that there’s a problem, unplug it, wait a few excruciating seconds, and plug it back in. Although you’ve probably missed something critical in the interim, you’re at least back online now.

Why is my router not working

Why does this happen?

But why does this seem to happen so often, seemingly out of nowhere? Well, here’s the deal. Although we think of a router as a simple little box that sends your internet connection to your devices, a lot is going on under the hood. Just like a full-blown desktop PC routers have their CPU, memory, mainboard, IO and even operating system. All of which help it manage data traffic, deciding what needs to be sent where. And these components of a router can get overloaded.

More Load on Router

Similarly to how having 40 browser tabs, multiple HD video streams, and a game running at the same time might bring your laptop to its knees, pushing tons of data through your router to lots of different devices can also slow it down. Sometimes to a screeching halt.


Complicating Matter

Further complicating matters is the fact that most home internet connections use what are called dynamic IP addresses. You see, Internet service providers typically assign IP addresses, which are like street addresses, to help Internet traffic. Find your devices to each of their modems only for a specified period. When this period expires, your ISP will give you a new one, but if your router is very busy, it might not latch on to the new IP address and continue trying to use the old one, which is kind of like trying to receive mail at your old apartment. Your router might be yelling as loudly as it can for Google to deliver that darn Chinese food order. But no one down at the city wok can hear it scream. And while we’re on the subject of chicken fried rice, your router also might be cut out, because it’s as hot as a wok many of us are guilty of this.

Dusty Router

But shoving your router in a corner somewhere where it’s ventilation holes might get blocked by cables or dust, can cause it to overheat. So be sure to check that if your router is crammed behind a piece of furniture. It can breathe. But other problems aren’t necessarily caused by a router malfunction.

Crowded Airwaves

If you’re on a Wi-Fi connection, sometimes the airwaves just get very crowded, especially if you’re on the popular 2.4 gigahertz band, where noise from standard household devices like microwave ovens and baby monitors and even signals from other nearby routers on the same frequency can overlap, and make it difficult for your receiving device to hear what your router is trying to say. If this is the case, which you can find out by downloading a mobile app to look at nearby networks, try going into your router settings and changing the channel or switching to the five gigahertz band. If your router and your device are supported, it not only delivers data more quickly, but it also offers many more channels and is less crowded overall. And if changing channels making sure your router has cooled off and the time-honored tactic of turning it off and on again doesn’t help. We Will see if the manufacturer of your router has a firmware update available.

Buggy Software

Sometimes intermittent connectivity problems are a result of buggy software that can be solved with an easy download and a quick round of everybody’s favorite game RTFM fun time. And finally, while remembering this handful of tips, we’ll use ensure your routers never out of commission for too long if it does happen we’ve got great advice to help you feel better. Keep a stress ball nearby so you can route your frustrations into that as a freelancer or small business owner would you rather spend your time doing the work that you get paid for or making sure that you get paid for the work you did, and if your answer is anything but the first one you’re not a freelancer small business owner are you. So FreshBooks is the cloud-based accounting software that’s designed for the way that you work. It’s more uncomplicated and more comfortable to be more productive, be more organized, and, most importantly, get paid quickly. Because running a small business is often all about maintaining substantial cash flow to make sure that your guys or your gals are getting paid on time making sure that clients are getting paid on time, with new books you can not only take payment on your terms whether that includes taking a deposit or not but you can also get paid faster because you can set up online payments with just a couple of clicks. You can even see when your client has seen your invoice to put an end to those guessing games.

If your router is not supporting more latest features, and the devices you are using needs a router that meets advance level support, then try to get the latest router. Check routers that best fit you according to your needs.


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