What you need for healthy hair

What you need for healthy hair

Are you as concerned with your hair’s health as you are with your physical health?

To tell the truth, the hair is also part of the solid body.

What kind of diet is good for keeping healthy hair?

This time I will tell you what you need for beautiful and healthy hair.

Part of the body of hair

Hair, like the nails, is a change in the stratum corneum of the skin.

However, unlike skin, it is made up of dead cells.

Therefore, the hair stays as it is while it grows, and since it has no function to repair it, once it is damaged, it does not return to its original shape.

Also, since there is no feeling of pain, it is easy to overload without realizing it.

So how can you keep your hair beautiful and healthy?

The answer is to care from both inside and out.

Let’s look at each point.

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Points from within

Do you know the main ingredients of hair? A single hair is made up of three layers.

The main component of all layers is “keratin,” a “protein,” which accounts for about 90%.

Therefore, if you don’t eat a diet or have an unbalanced diet, you will not have a foundation for your hair due to lack of protein, and you

Will suffer from hair loss as well as hair loss.

The amount of protein required is 1 to 1.4 g per 1 kg of body weight per day.

Let’s focus on meat, fish, eggs, soy products, and dairy products.

Next, what nutrients do you need in addition to protein?

A balanced diet is of utmost importance, but next to protein, zinc is another important nutrient.

Zinc acts as a coenzyme that transforms protein into hair.

However, since the mineral zinc is poorly absorbed into the body, it is recommended to take citric acid and vitamin C together to improve absorption.

In addition, there are copper that strengthens protein binding, vitamin B group that regulates the metabolism cycle of hair, and pantothenic acid that is a member of the vitamin B group and makes hair beautiful and smooth buy folexin.

Points from the outside

Massage your scalp after a good diet.

By performing a series of massages such as “unraveling, pushing, pulling up, and tapping” the scalp, blood circulation in the scalp is improved and a great deal of nutrition can be supplied to the hair roots.

Doing so will increase the firmness and elasticity of your hair.

Also, scalp massage is more effective when given during bathing.

“Scalp massage method”

  1. Use the pad of your finger to push open the top of your head.

Align 5 fingers, place it on the center of the crown, and push it toward the hairline for 3 to 5 seconds in the surrounding area for 5 to 10 seconds.

  1. Open your fingers and use your finger pad to lift the scalp from the hairline to the crown.

The hands are like a comb.

Repeat about 10 times.

  1. Hold the area around the protruding part (bee) above the ear with the entire palm.

It is a light pressure on the head.

Repeat 5 to 10 seconds 10 times.

Hair is damaged by UV rays in summer and dryness in winter.

In order to keep such damage and adjacent hair always beautiful and healthy, we take in nutrients necessary for hair from the inside with diet, and also from the outside to provide plenty of nutrition to the hair root with scalp care. Points are important.

Let’s be aware of it in our daily life.

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