What to Consider When Devising Custom Mailer Box Packaging?

What to Consider When Devising Custom Mailer Box Packaging?

The t-commerce industry has witnessed rapid growth in the past decade. As a result, direct-to-consumer has emerged as a new sales channel for brands. People are now more comfortable in receiving almost anything at their doorstep. This has turned custom mailer box packaging into a new storefront with each box providing you the opportunity to create a positive experience for your customer.

Here’s what you need to consider when devising custom mailer boxes.

Direct-to-Consumer Retail is the New Normal

Direct-to-consumer retail is an essential channel for small businesses, especially for the ones that are keen to establish a direct relationship with customers. Take companies like Dollar Shave Club, Bonobos, Warby Parker, and Casper, for instance. These brands are actively striving to control the customer experience. Right from the moment, buyers decide to purchase a particular type of product until the time it shows up at the customer’s doorstep.   .

Remember, when you ship to customers directly, the first physical interaction they have with your brand is your custom mailer box packaging. Make sure the physical manifestation of your online store should be worthy of your brand.

Make Unboxing Experience Fun and Engaging

Today, a whole new genre of content can be found on the internet called ‘unboxing videos’ that show viewers receiving and opening brand new products. And videos like these have garnered over a hundred thousand views. As a result, brands are taking unboxing videos content more seriously than ever.

This doesn’t mean you are bound to embrace a conventional packaging solution. In fact, it’s best to shy away from traditional packages. MeUndies is one such brand that has made its mark by embracing unique packaging—a bag that integrates a ‘freshness seal.’ Not only this makes opening the packaging more memorable, but it also conveys the message of cleanliness and freshness in a way words could never describe. More importantly, the packaging isn’t too expensive to produce and handle.

In contrast, Dollar Shave Club launched the #UnboxDSC campaign to inspire customers to share their unboxing experience on the social platform. In return, the company offered free giveaways to the customers who shared their unboxing experience. Creating such unusual experiences not only increases brand awareness but also enables the company to develop a strong relationship with the brand.

Avoid Over Packing Your Products

From a practical point of view, each product has a different packaging requirement. For example, glassware or mug needs more protection than apparel. That said, consider using the minimum to move your product from point A to B safely, but avoid overpackaging it.

You can use a minimalist packaging solution and still create a positive experience. Threadless encases its shirts in plastic bags with bold typography saying, “Great Art in a Squishy Bag.” Threadless is a primary example of simplicity when it comes to packaging, and they manage to save money in the process.

Customers Value Easy-to-Open Packaging

Luckily, customers also don’t want you to spend excessive amounts on your packaging. All they want is easy access to their order, but unfortunately, over-packing bars them from doing so. Plus, it increases their packaging waste and carbon footprint. On another note, if you’re selling a $100 product and it comes in a box that costs just $4, your audience will immediately know they have overpaid for the product.

So when choosing packaging materials, think about the image you want to project. Do you want to portray a luxury brand’s image? Or should your image reflect the economy? The rule of thumb suggests that one should spend at least 0.5 to 3 percent of the purchase prices on the packing. Avoid going overboard as it can cost you.


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