What Is the Best Carpet Cleaning Method?

What Is the Best Carpet Cleaning Method?

People do not realise that regular shampooing is not always the best method of cleaning their carpets at home. They do not even know that there are several other cleaning options which are better than the widely known shampooing. Some of the available London carpet cleaning involves light and affordable cleaning, while, others are complex and used for removing tough stains and accumulated deep dirt.

Amongst the cleaning methods available, steam cleaning is highly recommended as it removes about 90% of bacteria and dirt from a carpet. Dry carpet cleaning is also recommended as it ensures the carpets are in good condition.

To clean your carpet properly, you need to have an understanding of the different cleaning methods, and the tips for proper cleaning. Bear in mind that you can always discuss your cleaning options with your carpet cleaning company for your professional carpet cleaning.

Different carpet cleaning services

Here are the most popular carpet cleaning methods to help you decide which is most suitable for your carpet.

  • Hot water extraction or steam cleaningThis method involves applying a mixture of hot water and detergent under high pressure to the carpet fibres to dissolve the dirt, mud, dust and other debris in the carpet to aid easy extraction. The steam also helps the matted carpet to fluff up so, the carpets look fresher and feels softer.
  • Carpet shampooingIn carpet shampooing, a special detergent and a lot of water are used to clean the carpet just like in shampooing the hair. Rotating brushes may be used to scrub the shampoo into the carpet to help loosen up the dirt and debris within the carpet fibres. After the scrubbing, clean water is used to rinse out the shampoo until the carpet is clean.
  • Carpet dry cleaningIn carpet dry cleaning, a special powder detergent or chemical is mixed with a small amount of water then a rotating brush is used to push the powder into the fibres of the carpet. A special extraction tool removes the detergent alongside the dirt and debris.
  • Foam cleaning carpet or encapsulationThis method is used mostly for cleaning very dirty carpet. It uses a special foam that bubbles and expands. The expanding movement on the carpet helps to trap dirt and debris then brings them to the surface. Steam extraction is used afterwards to remove the foam and trapped dirt.
  • Bonnet cleaningThis method involves using a special carpet cleaning machine with a thick towel or bonnet over the front. The bonnet helps to rub shampoo into the carpet fibres, and, the shampoo is removed afterwards with the dirt and debris by extraction.

What is the best carpet cleaning method?

There are good carpet cleaning methods, but no one is suitable for all types of carpet or removes all kinds of dirt and stains. All carpet cleaning methods have ups and downsides, so here are a few of the disadvantages and advantages of the above cleaning methods.

  • Hot water extractionThis method is suitable for those who are allergic or sensitive to detergents and shampoos. The steam used in hot water extractions helps to kill germs, bacteria, mould, mildews and other irritants but it leaves traces of water after cleaning and may not be ready for use for several hours after cleaning.
  • Carpet shampooingShampooing is effective for removing stubborn stains, but it requires thorough extraction. After cleaning, detergent residue may remain on the carpet which traps and locks dust and dirt on the surface of the carpet. This may cause the carpet to become dirty shortly after cleaning.
  • Bonnet cleaningThis method only removes the dirt on the surface of the carpet and may not be effective for removing deep-seated dirt. However, bonnet cleaning is fast and affordable. It is suitable for cleaning carpets that are not too dirty or matted down or when you need a light and affordable cleaning regularly.
  • Carpet dry cleaningCarpet dry cleaning is preferable when you cannot wait for a long time for the carpet to dry. The detergent and chemicals used for dry cleaning usually have a strong smell that requires proper ventilation to get rid of it. If you have allergies, you may want to avoid carpet dry cleaning.

DIY carpet cleaning mistakes you should avoid

Getting a professional carpet cleaning company for your carpet cleaning is usually the best option because they have the right tools and machines to handle the cleaning without damaging your carpet.

If in any case, you decide to do the cleaning yourself, you should avoid the following cleaning mistakes.

  • Do not use too much pressure to scrub or brush your carpet as this can damage the carpet fibres.
  • Do not push a rotating brush into the carpet as this can pull the fibres loose making the carpet look fuzzy or threadbare.
  • Ensure you thoroughly extract shampoo, detergent, foam and cleaning chemicals as residual detergent will trap and lock dirt in the carpet fibres.
  • Use fresh water while applying steam and during extraction. Do not rush the cleaning process and allow the steam to remove the dirt and detergent properly.
  • Do not walk on your carpet when it is damp as this can damage the carpet fibres by making them look flattened and worn out.
  • There should be proper ventilation during and after shampooing or steam cleaning to help the carpet dry properly.

Simple tips for keeping carpets clean

Professional carpet cleaning is the best way to keep your carpet clean, but these tips will help keep your carpet clean in between professional cleaning.

  • Use air filters or air purifiers
  • Trim the nails and claws of your pets to reduce the amount of dirt they carry and prevent them from pulling the thread of your carpet
  • Use window and door screens to reduce the dust and debris
  • Change your furnace filler at least once every year
  • Vacuum your carpet regularly

If you need a carpet cleaning service in London you can trust, contact Ryan Carpet Cleaning now.


  • Does cleaning carpet damage them?Using harsh detergents and shampoos can damage the carpet fibre. Misusing the scrubbing brush also damages the carpet but dirt and debris damage carpet fibres by flattening them.
  • How do you carry out carpet deep cleaning with the hand?Blotting the stain with a white rag dipped in white vinegar will dissolve the stain and remove debris. You can rinse the carpet with another wet rag to remove all traces of the stain.

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