What Is ITIL Service Management And What Certifications Are Available

What Is ITIL Service Management And What Certifications Are Available

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a practice for developing the ITSM process. The idea of this certification will manage business risks, economic practices form good customer relations and establish IT surrounding it with stability to attain growth. This course allows understanding a firm idea of the ITIL four frameworks, terminologies of ITIL services and core concepts lifecycle. 


ITIL evolved operational processes and modern technologies as well as the essential ideas in a service management framework. The ITIL skills cover ITIL central principles, ITIL key concepts, ITIL process models and service level management. The ITIL certification helps to understand ITIL frameworks to enhance the quality of IT service management and helps in upgrading the career and to obtain more income. To develop a good IT service management is it required to understand the development process along with its full lifecycle, including the identification of business requirements in IT perspective. Furthermore, it helps to understand the design, thus creating a solution in order to keep the following and further to enhance the development. 


Some of the important updates in ITIL 4 are as follows. ITIL 4 is designed to integrate with ITSM methods such as Lean, DevOps, and Agile. The customer plays a key role, so ITIL4 is treating them with value. Furthermore, the system is flexible and can be combined in many ways. The communication part is also enhanced in the new ITIL 4. SVS explains the various elements with inputs of demand and opportunity. At the same time, the output value is made by IT powered services and products. 


Certifications for ITIL4


ITIL certification evolved from ITILv3 to ITIL4. The foundation qualified personnel need to move to ITIL 4 certification to upgrade their skills. The following ITIL 4 certification modules are as follows:



  • Foundation



It introduces ITIL4 and qualifies the candidate for IT service management for creation operating model and to improve tech-enabled products.


  1. ITIL 4 managing professional


To run a successful IT service, technical and practical knowledge are provided. Furthermore, it helps in workflows and teams. It also works within technology. 


  1. ITIL 4 strategic leader


This enables all digitally enabled services. It qualifies with a clear understanding of direct business strategy and IT influences.


  1. Master Level


To obtain the master level, it is required to brief out knowledge, principles, methods, techniques and outcome from practical assignments.


The Benefit of ITIL Is Boundless


The ITIL 4 course is suitable for IT architects, operations managers, IT audit managers, database administrators, ITSM trainers, quality analysts, and also most suitable for fresh IT career professionals. ITIL 4 certifications are issued at each module. ITIL assists in establishing a clear process to develop ITSM, which subsequently plays a major role in business development. 


Upon completing the training, the following benefits are expected:


Clear understanding about the business and the customers helps to deliver better services as per the customers’ requirements. Subsequently, build a long term relationship to develop a good reputation. It also helps to face or react to issues in the services by focusing on IT development. It helps in increasing productivity and develops resource management by using cost-effective methods. 


It also helps in managing the risk by stabilizing it and without interrupting the normal service. Subsequently, enhance the risk management process to avoid service failures and disruptions. Mostly ensures alignment between IT and other parts of the business. Furthermore, it creates networking and ease, incorporating ITIL’s terms and methods in the business. By using these methods, it is easy to adapt quickly for technology changes which make the flow of growth and maintain competitive advantages. Overall the business profile will obtain global recognition.

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