What is a Router?

What is a Router?

A physical router can take on one of many many forms. The router that I’m going to be using consistently throughout this article is a Cisco 1841 router. Cisco, unfortunately, does not sell this router anymore. However, it’s widely available; it’s a pretty reliable workhorse of a router that’s been widely implemented in industry.



Functionally they’re very similar. I don’t know all of the technical specification differences on it. Now you see in the picture, there are a bunch of network jacks that we can plug into them. So this router was looking at the backside of the router. The front side is just a green face plate and data networking.


We have a bunch of interfaces that we can plug cables into them. We can plug this PC into an interface on the router; that interface in the router is most likely going to be either a top interface that has a little yellow label or this bottom interface, which has a little label. These are the Fast Ethernet interfaces on this router. We have some serial interfaces on the router.


How the device works?

When we get into router configuration, I’m going to go through the nitty-gritty details so that you know exactly were to plug your cables to in the router, and you can get it configured up. In this particular article, we’re just looking at how the device works and why we need it. So here’s another piece of the puzzle that you should be aware of these Cisco routers that come like this these are entirely different than the home router that you have in your house right now. Unless you’re using one of these in the home router that I’m referring to, your house is going to be some Zoomer brand electronic device, a Linksys or Netgear, or d-link or some other product. There’s a bunch of them out there; those are the big ones.


I’m not necessarily advocating for any of the top routers brands; I don’t care about which one you go with. Most of them work very similarly. Some of the top brands provide extra features on it that are important but regardless.


My point here is that when you purchase a consumer electronic device, the manufacturers that of that device set that device up. So all you have to do as an uninformed network engineer or uninformed network engineer apprentice is plug the wires into the right spot of the device. Please go through the instructions to set up the passwords and connect your other devices to it. There’s no configuration required, or very little configuration required. On these Cisco boxes, whether it be in 1841 or any other Cisco device, they come out of the box blank, you as the administrator, have the sole responsibility of deciding how that device is going to be used. You, as the administrator, have to configure every last detailed aspect of it, so out of the box, it comes blank.

How to get Access to Configuration Page?

  • To access any router configuration page you need follow the following steps:
  • Put your routers IP address into your browser. If you don’t know then visit above mentioned site. After putting IP address you will be asked to enter your router credentials.
  • You should know your routers default username and password, if you don’t know then visit above mentioned site. Or if you forgot your router username or password then know how to recover it.
  • After putting credentials you will get access to your router settings. Through these settings you can change your default router password, your routers IP address and all other advance settings that your router supports.

What is IP Address:

IP address is the gateway to get access to your router. Or we can say IP address is the name of your router through which world recognize your device. All devices connected to the router have same public IP address. Router assigns private IP addresses to other devices, which are connected to your router. Every time your router plugs in, get a new IP address, but its not compulsory that IP address must be different. Sometimes IP address can be same as of previously assigned IP address.





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