When we talk about February we just remember how the beautiful day of love falls in this month the love that is celebrated in the terms of valentines day, love is just there in the air in this month but if you are far from your significant other you can always order flowers online for them. 

You might ask the question of “why plants?” when you can gift them watches, flowers, bags, and various other things that are there but when it comes to the plant, they are just amazing. A plant is also an environment-friendly gift so it will be another amazing gift for you as well as the person you are gifting it to. When we think about the gifts the plants seem perfect. The plants can be there for the longest time as well and you can always watch them grow together with your loved one and the love you have will be grown as well so the plants then become a perfect choice for your loved one. 


If you are confusing about the plants that can be gifted, then here is a list from which you can choose what exactly you can give to your loved ones: 


Love is in the air and you can remind them of this with the sweetheart cactus that is there. The cactus is just easy to care for and is perfect if your significant other Is a new plant parent then also you can go for the cactus. They already have some water stored in them and this water and even if they forget to water the plat you won’t have to worry as the plant will just be able to survive in proper condition. A perfect gift to symbolize love. 


The orchids are just amazing as they are known to have the beauty, wealth and the love symbolization to them and nothing can be more perfect than that. You are getting a plant that is just fragrant and bulbous and this can also be handled by your significant other even if that person is not good at handling the plants, all you have to do is just get them the plant and that will surely put a smile on their face. The orchids are indoor plants so indirect sunlight could do and they are just beautiful.  


This is another beautiful plant and has a beautiful shield which is at times considered as the flower, but it is not the flower that is unique and is known as the heart-shaped one as well or the flamingo flower. You can always choose anthurium for expressing your love. They are easy to care for and your partner can also be working and caring for them as these flowers are not fussy when it comes to the care that must be taken for them. All you need to keep in mind is that they should be watered twice a week if they are going to grow beautifully. You can send flowers to pune & always approach the best florists in Bangalore to know more about the flowers. 


Just imagine waking up to such a pleasant smell of that of the jasmine, they are just one amazing plant. They know how to keep the mind refreshed. Jasmine is one flowering plant that you can choose this year for your significant other. These have always been known for the symbol of love as well. Remind your significant other to keep the plant in sunlight during the summer times as these flowers are achieving their peak and then you can also keep them in your self-created humidifier. You don’t have to buy one, just make one. 


A rose in the garden or their house is just perfect but this plant is for them who know how to care for the flowers in a very professional way as the rose is one flower that is delicate and is bound to catch onto the blackening and molds so make sure that you give It to someone who knows how to take care of it and everything will be just good to go. The rose has always been the symbol for love and the pure passion that was there. A rose is something that you must go for this valentine and a plant will last longer than a bouquet.  

You can always order flowers from bloomsvilla, now you will ask “why?” The answer to that is that bloomsvilla assures on-time delivery and you get to browse from magnificent collections of plants and bouquets from there without even going out and they will be delivered to your place fresh. You can also opt for midnight and same-day delivery all you must do is just order now.

blooms villa

I am blooming.

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