What are different types of retail security tag systems

If you have been to the retail store even a common man could have sense the amount of risk involved in running those business chains. But with modern technology and innovation we can help these stores overcome the experience of shop lifting to some extent. But to be very sure that neither of your merchandise has been shoplifted and everything and anything that has been put on display has been protected with different retail security tag system. These systems are upgraded and protected in such a manner that whenever a merchandise leaves a retail store unmonitored than the alarm goes on to inform the security officials about the theft that has taken place.

Here is the list of different forms of retail store security tags that are commonly used in the market and that too making sure that the security of the retail store and their merchandise is in safer zone with the use of modern technology.

  1. RFID tags:

These are the plastic security tags that are designed for the store owners to ensure that their merchandise is in safer one. Rather than hiring multiple numbers of employees to make sure that none of their items are shop lifted one should make sure to use these tags as an anti-theft device. A radio frequency of identification chip is attached to the items and whenever the items pass through the detection zone the alarm is triggered. Although it may seem that these chips are easier to remove and could make the shoplifter think that they might get away with the robbery but the truth is that they have two sides of interlock system which make it very difficult for them to remove unless somebody is pro at it.

  1. Ink tags:

Another important and the most eminent type of tag used on clothing merchandise is the ink tags these tags are marked with ink to help people retrieve their inventory. They are different from RFID tags because the they doesn’t trigger the alarm when the theft does occur instead they would ruin the clothing material if the ink is spilled on to it. It requires the store keeper to remove the tag technically with the help of the tool to make sure that the ink is not spilled. They could be added with the RIFD tags to ensure that the tags are provided with added protections. And the material is safeguarded with retail security tags.

  1. Specially designed tags:

There are certain types of merchandises that require special kinds of security. Keeping in view the limitations of the retail store these are designed according to the needs of the product. For example for optical items specialist tags are used which are attached to the frame of the optical item without causing any hindrance to the customer to try them on. Whereas, for the liquor bottles the tags are designed according to the size of the bottle cap. These tags are attached to the bottle caps and as soon as the tags are removed the alarm will go off automatically to make sure the security officials are triggered with the potential theft that is about to take place.

  1. Hard labels:

This is again kind of tags that are used at the clothing stores, shoes, leather goods as well as for the hats. These tags are replaceable tags and are easier to maintain. The store keepers are required to remove those tags from the clothing with the help of magnetic device or removing tools to ensure that the clothing is kept secure. If the shoplifters are able to pass through the detection exits without the alarm bells going on than it becomes harder to remove from the merchandise and normally comes off with the destruction of the items to which they are attached to it.

  1. An efficient detection system are key to the retail security tag systems:

If you aren’t able to put an efficient detection system to the entry and exit points of the stores than portably attaching those tags to the materials and merchandise so not worth it. You need to think again about the installation of the correct system of the security tags along with the detection system that whenever it passes out of the exit points the alarm is triggered immediately.

One of the main and important methods of anti-theft device is the proper installation of the retail security tags as well as installation of proper exit gates. Moreover, the second important thing is to ensure that the shoplifters are aware of the fact that they are being watched physically also creates an impact on their mentality. Therefore, installation of the cameras as well as the mirrors to ensure the security of the tags.

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