Water ATMs: How Are They Beneficial To Consumers And Stakeholders

Water ATMs: How Are They Beneficial To Consumers And Stakeholders

Water ATMs have been working in our Country for a decade, and they have been very beneficial in various sectors of our Country. As we know, a water ATM is a machine that dispenses water in exchange for cash or smart cards. They are mostly owned and operated by private companies with access to public sources of land and water.

These water purification systems had been installed with specific objectives. The main aim was to provide clean drinking water to poor people at a little cost. This, in turn, would help them improve their daily life and reduce the chances of waterborne diseases.

The supplier of these systems is majorly the private sector that can provide clean water to the poor people and maintain proper day to day efficiency for the better working of these ATMs. The private companies offer custom-built machines as per the environmental standards of a specific area. They make sure every part of the machine is built depending on the people who use it and the place it is to be installed.

The water ATMs have proved to be beneficial to consumers as well as the stakeholders. The benefits are as follows:

Benefits To Consumers

  • Community Needs– Many parts of our Country face the lack of clean drinking water, be it the rural or urban parts. These water purification systems have been very beneficial to the less developed parts reducing the diseases spread because of unsafe water and lack of hygiene practices. In the developed parts of the Country, the unplanned urbanization and lack of storage facilities have also reduced with the help of these ATMs.
  • Spreads Awareness– When people have to pay for the water needs, they use it meticulously and realize the worth of the resource. Hence, it reduces water wastage.
  • Clean And Affordable Drinking Water– People who travel daily and stay a significant part of their day benefit outdoors from getting access to clean drinking water at a very affordable price. As these ATMs are installed in various public places like railway stations, temples, etc. it allows people to access drinking water in a relaxed and friendly way.
  • Reduces Dependency On Packaged Drinking Water– The availability of these ATM’s in various places allows the urban people to save money that they spent on packaged drinking water as these ATM’s provide the same quality of water at a meager price.
  • Saves Time– It saves time as people do not have to travel far off to get water for their daily needs. They do not have to skip school or work to understand their water needs.

Benefits To Stakeholders

  • Environment Friendly– The water ATMs are not harmful to the environment as the installation and working do not damage natural resources
  • Function– The machines are independent and do not function on any public utilities. It does not disturb the working of any other system
  • Low Operational Cost– The installation and working of these systems do not involve a high cost. But they give high returns as they are used by many people and turn out to be very profitable to the companies
  • Easy Tracking– The systems work with the help of cloud connectivity that enables easy tracking of the transactions made by the people widely. This helps in easy management
  • Adaptable– These systems are adaptable mostly in all locations like public places, schools, hospitals leading to more business, and higher profits
  • Operations & Maintenance– These systems do not require regular maintenance, and the operation is effortless. Thus, the companies do not have to invest much in support of the machines.

As India is growing with various smart city projects, the role of water ATMs can be vital in the upcoming years. This would impact the various parts of our Country in a positive way eradicating many different problems faced by people now.

Thus, choosing the right company to supply these machines is very important. RO care India is one such company that can provide the right kind of water vending machines suitable for various places. They offer water ATMs at affordable prices having all the required features.


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