Travel BFFs Travel with Moonlight and Simone Discover Tidbits!

Travel BFFs Travel with Moonlight and Simone Discover Tidbits!

From being 1st-grade buddies to exploring the most exotic locations around the world, these two travel BFFs Moonlight and Simone, are making heads on Instagram. From venturing out into the jungles of Africa to sailing the beaches of Tanzania, this travel duo’s Instagram feed ‘Grab Your Globe’ is bound to give you major travel goals. Book United Airlines tickets quickly with our customer service number.

How did both of you decide on starting the Yatra Gram together? What inspired the name? We like it very much!

Ever since we met in 1 standard, we have been friends all our lives. We both studied abroad and caught the travel bug when we were there, and once we returned to India, naturally, started the journey together. This blog started as a fun way to document our journey and to give readers inside information about what we look for when planning our trip. Grub Your Globe is virtually a node for choosing a destination to grab and discover the globe, as well as a metaphor for what life (and the world) has to offer the most.

What kind of travelers would you tell that you are two?

We would like to believe that we are retrograde and hopefully conscious travelers. While traveling, it is important to us that we usually dig a little deeper and discover the sights and experiences inside, with the most making up the majority of tourist attractions. Our focus is the local experience, so according to us, dining, living, and meeting with the people living there is the best way to get an authentic experience. 

In the context of conscious travel, it is important to ensure that you are not harming the ecosystem, upsetting the local people, and leaving a negative impact on the place. Of course, we are quite experimental as well – so if there is a once in a lifetime experience on offer, we would definitely love to do it!

What do you think are some amazing destinations that should be on a best friend’s travel list?

A road trip through North India, we did one from Chandigarh via Kasol – Leh, and Ladakh, which was one of our best trips. A holiday through Borneo, it is one of the best diving spots in the world, along with the cleanest beaches!

What do you like more – domestic or international trips?

Definitely a combination of both. India is amazingly beautiful and diverse, and I don’t think we have even discovered 20 percent of what we have to offer. 

Do you love the beaches on both mountains or is this a daily debate?

Simone is an out-of-the-way beach person and loves to find quiet, untouched beaches where she can live out her lazy fantasies.

Moonlight loves forests and mountains! And snow!

Tell us about a daring adventure you recently took together?

Haha, we want to believe everything we do is courageous and courageous. But honestly, starting this blog together has been the boldest thing to do – given that we both have full-time jobs and no help to pay our vacations, it’s a fun challenge to continue.

What would you recommend to another set of best friends that you would like to travel extensively?

Traveling with someone else is a set of challenges, so it is important to compromise when you are together. Be democratic, make sure everyone gets a saying in the plan, and don’t apply the “everyone does everything together” rule all the time. 

Travel is a big investment, and it is important that everyone has a chance to enjoy what they want. Consider the time and room etiquette. And most importantly, go with the flow and focus on the fact that you are going to have this lovely experience together instead of nitty-grits. With the help of the United Reservations team, book your flight quickly.

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