Why ReactJs Is The First Choice Of Modern Programmers? Top Benefits Of ReactJs Development

Why ReactJs Is The First Choice Of Modern Programmers? Top Benefits Of ReactJs Development

ReactJs is a game-changer for front-end development!

First, let’s give a big shout-out to all the developers who’re fond of using cross-platform technologies & tools in their big projects. The advent of new frameworks & libraries kept inspiring present-day programmers to experiment with their core methodologies for building cross-platform web apps. Alongside getting constant updates of AngularJs, NodeJs, EmberJs, VueJs, & other popular frameworks hitting in the market, coders are more enticed with opportunities they embrace in the course of ReactJs development.

With a plethora of options coming on the way, ReactJs holds the potential to refine the web app development process with a robust ecosystem with multifarious tools & integrations. But the question remains the same that why developers are in favor to choose ReactJs over other JavaScript frameworks? Before we find out the reasons to go for React Native app development, let’s get a brief intro of the most trending framework used for front-end development.

All about ReactJs and its use

  • ReactJs is an open-source JavaScript library with an extensive user community of worldwide developers. Being one of the most loved web frameworks built on a component-based architecture, ReactJs stands out with its capability to create dynamic & highly responsive user interfaces for web and mobile apps.
  • ReactJs development empowers programmers with better efficiency & reduced complexity and time consumed in writing codes enabling them to build interactive, natural, & useful web apps with engaging features and functionalities.
  • Since ReactJs presents a lightweight view library that only goes well with UI components, you need to integrate it with other tools & technologies like Flux &Redux to come up with a fully developed architecture.

Let’s interpret the graph of surging popularity of ReactJs

  • Currently, over 220,000 websites are based on ReactJs and so many tech giants & their platforms such as Facebook, Apple, Netflix, DropBox, IMDb, Airbnb, Tesla Motors, PayPal, Walmart, & more are powered by this open-source framework.
  • As per a recent report by Stack Overflow, ReactJs is on top of the list of most loved front-end development frameworks in which Angular is mentioned in the 9th position.
  • Facebook opted for ReactJs web app development in 2011 and applied it on Instagram in 2012. Later in 2013, the web framework became an open-source that resulted in its expansion in terms of popularity & user base.
  • The majority of developers began using ReactJs not only for building complex large scale applications but also to create apps with single-page architecture. From Twitter to Netflix & Dropbox, a large number of tech-based firms are reaping the benefits of ReactJs development today.
  • Back in 2015, Facebook introduced an updated version of ReactJs is a cross-platform app development framework that brought us in the new era of mobile-first mobility.

Reasons to choose REACTJS for front-end development

1. Increased development speed & reduced complexity

Each part of an app can be utilized individually on the server-side as well as the client-side that adds on to development speed significantly. In other words, any member of your development team can make changes or write codes on every single part of the app without rewriting logic if design changes are required.

2. Supports responsive web app development

A very good reason to opt for ReactJs development service is getting ultra-responsive web apps than run flawlessly with high loading speed on varied platforms & network connections. The scalability & performance of ReactJs-based apps goes hand in hand to provide uninterrupted access to data with amazing user experience.

3. Flexibility and usability are major factors

Even if you’re a beginner, ReactJs won’t make you juggle b/w the technical & coding skills meant for its deployment in any cross-platform web app development project. You can easily run this web framework with the existing and upcoming projects without facing any difficulties as it is compatible with a wide range of codebases.

In addition to this, if you’re already familiar with the ins and outs of ReactJs then running this framework would not bother you in any aspect of cross-platform development.

4. Goes well with SEO strategy

Apart from the development part, ReactJS development is highly beneficial from an SEO point of view. Unlike other JavaScript frameworks that lag the attributes of search engine optimization, ReactJs utilizes virtual DOM to impart the benefits of appropriate indexing by search engines.

5. Ideal for mobile app development & testing

Take a deep breath as the pros of ReactJS native app development are not just limited to cross-platform web apps. You can also create high-performing mobile native apps for major platforms- iOS and Android. Furthermore, ReactJs library also brings native tools to let you debug and test your codes on your own.

Wrap up!

Using ReactJs in your dream project is a great decision as the technology plays an easy-going part for newbies as well as experienced developers. We can’t neglect the exemplary potentials of this web framework for the reasons defined in the blog and that’s why almost every programmer tends to choose ReactJs native app development over other popular JavaScript frameworks available.

Pranay Agrawal

The above blog is created by Pranay Agrawal, a renowned entrepreneur who co-founded MobileCoderz Technologies which is leading in mobile app development industry. He is recognized for his brilliance in business consulting & strategy building and hence, he keeps on sharing informative tech blogs for the audience.

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