Top 5 Chocolate Gift Baskets Ideas

Top 5 Chocolate Gift Baskets Ideas

Gift without chocolate is a day without sunshine. Whether it’s about birthday, valentine, Christmas, Easter or any other occasion, chocolate gift baskets are always appreciated. It possesses distinct qualities to enhance the mood. Giving chocolate is the best way to express your sweet sentiments to your loved ones.

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There are three basic types of chocolates i.e. dark chocolate, white chocolate, and milk chocolate. Out of which dark chocolate is the purest form of chocolate, whereas milk and white chocolates contain milk solids and large amounts of sugar. You can buy white chocolate online, which is a rich source of antioxidants and is loved a lot by children.

There are varieties of chocolate baskets, hampers, designer boxes, and bouquets that you can make your girlfriend, wife, children happy on any occasion.

5  Things To put in Chocolate gift Basket 

Here are 10 ideas for making an impressive chocolate gift container to delight your friends and family.

1.Chocolate Money:

You can add edible chocolate money in the gift basket which gives it a unique look.

2.Fruit flavored Chocolate

The fusion of citric fruits such as orange, lemon with white chocolate is liked by many people and it’s a great idea to put it in the gift container.

3.Chocolate sandwich cookie

Crisp chocolate cookies with sweet vanilla cake are among the mouth-watering chocolate products. Especially, children would love to see the chocolate sandwich cookie in the gift hamper.

4.Chocolate covered nuts

These are the other superb ideas to consider in a chocolate box. It is a combination of nuts such as walnuts, cashew, almonds with dark chocolate. They are very delicious and healthy too.

5.Chocolate Truffle

If you are gifting a chocolate gift hamper to kids, then adding chocolate truffle in the gift hamper can be a great idea. Truffles are the sweetest chocolate dessert and come in the shape of small balls.

Apart from chocolates, you can add the following filters in the basket to make it more attractive -:

  • Chocolate molds

Add the silicone chocolate molds of different shapes into the box. You can choose the shape of a mold according to the occasion, for instance for the Easter festival you can gift easter egg-shaped chocolate mold.

  • Chocolate Books

Along with chocolate molds, it will be nice to put the books which tell about chocolate such as The Chocolate Touch, Chocolat, The Great Book of Chocolate, and more in the gift hamper.

  • Chocolate Quotation

Putting chocolate quotation or bookmark tags such as “ All you need is Love. But a little chocolate now & then doesn’t hurt .” looks very expressive.

Important things to consider while making Gift Basket -:

It is key important to consider recipient likes, dislikes, interests, and hobbies so that you can make a chocolate box that matches his personality.

How to make the chocolate basket -:

You can design your gift basket in different ways. There are a lot of containers to choose from, for example, seasonal containers, wicker basket, wire basket, picnic basket, clay pot, etc. 

While designing a chocolate box, you can add shred to the hollow area of ​​the container so that it looks full. And then wrap the chocolate hamper with transparent cellophane. This cellophane also comes in various colors, so choose as per your choice.

White chocolate consists of a large amount of cocoa butter, which makes white chocolate bars an abundant source of calcium. It has several health benefits, it helps in boosting immunity, lowering cholesterol levels, improving liver health, dealing with hypoglycemia, and more. 

In the present era, people prefer to buy white chocolate online rather than from retail stores, because on the internet they are available at a low price. Furthermore, it is the best way to save time and it gives you a chance to choose from a variety of options.

In Final Words -:

Chocolate has been a perfect gift for people of all ages for years, but giving it decoratively makes it even more special. Therefore you should always prefer to buy chocolate in beautiful gift packaging instead of simple packaging.

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