Tips for choosing a men’s haircut

Tips for choosing a men’s haircut

We know that nowadays a men’s haircut is becoming a trend, since the particular characteristics of each one can be highlighted. Without a doubt you can find a great variety to discover what is the cut that you can wear according to your type of face.

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Currently we can find cuts that have returned to fashion and with them you can look great. Experts in this area will be able to offer you the best options to make you look like the alpha of your group.


Follow our tips to choose a men’s haircut.


How to choose a men’s haircut


Currently there is more freedom for how to look aesthetically, without a doubt you can make not only cuts, but striking hairstyles, dye your hair and look however you want.

Generally we become a little indecisive when choosing a haircut, since with the variety of designs that exist in the market, we would not know which the best is. It is not the same in all cases, there are many who already know how to look and do not have these types of problems.

If what you want is to look according to the best trends in men’s haircuts, you just have to follow us here:


The shaved end in bangs

In the case of straight and fine hair, it is difficult to choose a suitable cut. You can come up with something quick by going for a semi shaved hairstyle, this is without a doubt one of the best men’s haircut tips.


You should only leave a millimeter or two on the top of your head for a semi-short look and not so radical, just use a little setting gel to give it a little shape and you will feel fresh.


Cuts with fading colors

We suggest you cut the length of your hair a bit and dye it a fantasy color, then let it grow a little and give a rebellious and modern look.

If your eyebrows are jet black, you can dye your hair these colors to give your face a striking contrast.


The fuzz

If you feel comfortable living with a slightly messy appearance, it is a matter of personal style, this is current fashion trend. You can go from blonde surfer hair to gangbang style layered braids.


Afro up

Among the best known modern haircuts is the afro above , this is undoubtedly one of the most used today for those who have curly hair, among men’s hairstyles it is widely used and makes it look quite fresh for those who wear it. .

Different types of gradient haircut

Without a doubt, you have seen different types of degraded haircuts for men in the day to day or on television. There is a wide variety of haircuts of this type that can go hand in hand with your style.


This time we will tell you which are the most popular and striking gradient cuts of this season. If what you want is to wear an authentic Fade cut with which you distinguish yourself on any occasion, you have come to the right place.

You will find the best trends, and the detailed explanation of each type of cut. In addition, you will see who each style is directed to according to the type of hair or face. 

Let’s go to trouble …

What is a faded haircut?

It is a haircut style that begins with a shaved almost flush with the scalp. As it rises towards the top of the head, the length of the hair is longer.

From this pattern different styles can originate according to your preferences, fashion trends, or the time of year. The skill of the hairdresser will also determine the shape and final result of your hair after a Fade cut.

Some tend to be more faded, so the line that divides one hair size from the rest is virtually unnoticeable. However, in other types of gradient you can easily notice the division between the different levels.

It is an elegant cut, so it can be worn without worry on any type of occasion. But some variants can be a bit eccentric, so it is important to know them in detail.

Types of degraded haircuts

If you thought there was only one type of fade cut, let me point out that you were wrong. There are many variations regarding this type of cut at different times of the year, or according to certain trends.

It is time to show you what are the types of gradient cuts so that you can choose the one that best suits you.

▶ ️ High Fade

It is also called high gradient, or high fade. It is one of the most peculiar and outgoing styles among faded haircuts. The structure of this haircut is to bring the hair fade to the top of the skull.

This produces a thick mane effect on the top that gives the haircut more showiness. This type of haircut allows to give various styles to the upper part, thus being able to give rise to more variants in fashionable hairstyles.

It is in high demand among young people who want to have a very prominent haircut, and who want their new cut to become very evident.

▶ ️ Mid Fade

It is the middle ground between faded haircuts. However, when it comes to styles, it is one of the most elegant and restrained. The hairdresser will fade to the middle of the sides of the skull. Thus the upper part will not stand out so much in contrast to the lower stripes.

They can give rise to different hairstyle styles, and it is one of the haircuts that adapt to more types of face. It is widely used by men who want to show off a balanced haircut and at the same time show their beard. 

It goes very well for those guys who dye their hair with bright colors, since the gradient tones in the coloring become more intense.

▶ ️ Low Fade

Among the variants of haircuts from gradients, this is the one that implies a lower fade. The gradient or fading is done below the level of the ears, representing a smaller strip of the skull.

This allows for a more abundant but very organized upper hair. It can be used by those who only want to touch up the gradient from time to time without altering the structure of the rest of their hair.

It looks great with many types of hairstyle, but especially for those with medium hair. It is also widely used by those with dark hair colors, who want to stand out through a hairstyle with hairspray or fixative. 

▶ ️ Razor Cut

It is a style that is born from the Mid gradient. However, it differs from this one because at the back there is a full cut flush with the skin.

This straight line makes a wide contrast to the rest of the haircut. In this way it is possible to stand out among the other styles. It is commonly used by young people who want to be noticed without any dissimulation.

▶ ️ Bald cut

With this haircut, what is sought is to reach a very deep gradient that completely eliminates the hair in its lower layer.

For this, cutting techniques are used with blades flush with the skin. It is quite an elegant haircut, and worthy of being worn by people who require a wide distinction.

In this haircut the main disadvantage is that after a few days it will be necessary to do a retouch. Hair grows quickly and the degraded effect will be lost quickly.


Types of gradient according to the face

Not all faded haircuts are ideal for any face. That is why we will show you what type of Fade cuts are indicated according to the shape or contours of your face:

  • Oval face:It is one of the faces that accept more types of degraded cuts. Especially the high or medium variants. The Razor style also suits them because the shape of the face is not a problem in this case.
  • Round face:If your face is round you can use the High Fade haircut. In this way you will achieve an extraordinary effect and your face will look a little longer.
  • Triangular face:Without a doubt, what triangular faces need are low fade gradients. This will achieve a balance in the shape of your face. Bald cuts should be avoided at all costs.

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