Throwing a Pool Party for Kids? Float Into These Ultimate Must-Haves

Throwing a Pool Party for Kids? Float Into These Ultimate Must-Haves

Nothing beats the joy of spending birthdays in the pool. Who doesn’t like to lay out on floaties and feel the sun striking through your skin, right? Swimming seems to be every kid’s top choice for a fun activity when school is out. That said, summer babies call for lots and lots of fun-filled pool parties!

Similar to any social occasion, preparing for a pool party is not a piece of cake. There is going to be a long checklist of things that you need to put together to ensure the party’s success. So, trust me when I say that everything is sure to float smoothly if you bring out these pool party must-haves. 

From flamingo floaties to flamboyant decorations and delectable snacks, here are the essential ingredients of an epic splash bash. 

Plenty of Fun Floaties

Depending on the size of your pool, gather around as many floaties as you can and don’t forget to include some inflatable beach balls on the side. Not only are floats best for sunbathing but they also make instant pool decorations. Choose colourful and oversized floats for adult guests and of course, mini ones for the kids. The more floaties in the pool, the merrier children will be. 

Festive Decorations

Decorations make the party more fun and inviting so don’t be afraid to go all-out when it comes to dressing up your pool and lawn area. You can decide on a theme to elevate the mood and look of the party. Since you are doing it in the pool, either a pirate or mermaid display could be a great concept for kids. 

Moreover, always consider the time of the party when choosing the right decors. You can stick to colourful balloons, lanterns, and table settings if the party is held in the daytime. Otherwise, add some fairy lights to your lawn setup and throw plenty of glow sticks into the pool to scintillate the ambience. 

Snacks and Drinks

Food is a no-brainer element of a party because this is absolutely what we all come here for. Delight your guests with a fun arrangement of snacks and thirst-quenchers to enjoy while having the coolest pool party ever. 

Swimming can easily burn the kids out that they will keep on grabbing some food now and then. Don’t forget to place paper towels near the food station so that kids can clean up their fingertips before taking a plunge back to the pool. 

Swim Gears and Towels

If you are throwing a pool party in the daytime — where the sun is up and the temperature is at its hottest — make sure your kids are not sliding into the pool without the swim gears on. Aside from a dainty swimsuit, gear them up with swim caps, goggles, and sunscreens to protect them from too much exposure to chlorinated water and UV rays. And oh! Don’t forget the towels, too!  

If you are thinking of the best souvenirs to give your kiddie guests, custom swimming caps can make a perfect giveaway. 

Check out these amazing children’s party souvenir ideas to get some cool inspos.    

A Fun Playlist

A party without music? Your guests might give it a hard pass. It’s not a party without some electrifying sounds, right? If you agree with me, pop up the celebration with a playlist display on the side. 

Upbeat songs can set everyone’s mood for a party whether they are playing some pool games, sipping some virgin piña coladas, or just hanging around in the pool. 

But, be mindful of the noise you are making once the sun goes down and some neighbours are probably about to get some good night’s sleep. 

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