Things to Consider While Buying a Second-Hand Car in the UAE

Things to Consider While Buying a Second-Hand Car in the UAE

Are you thinking about buying a car but your pocket doesn’t allow you to go for a new one? Fret not, as you can easily choose from a wide variety of used cars in UAE. Second-hand cars are a great option for budget-savvy drivers who don’t have enough funds to lease or buy a new car.

When it comes to used cars, the UAE has a lot to offer. You can find a huge variety of pre-owned cars to choose from. You can either buy directly from the owner or from one of the car dealerships that you can easily find everywhere in the country. However, there are certain factors that you must consider when searching for a car to buy.

Factors to Consider While Looking for a Used Car

Let’s discuss some important aspects that you must look upon before you finalize any car for buying.

Set a Budget:

Budget plays a key role in determining what type of car you can buy. Therefore, you must set a budget range before you start looking for one. Try to find a suitable car while staying in your budget range. We know that it can be quite difficult especially after viewing the plethora of options from which you can choose from. However, the key is to only consider those options that fall in your budget bracket. 

Check Vehicle’s History:

A car may seem and appear right for you but there are chances that it might not be the real case. Thus, you must check the car’s history before buying it. Moreover, also check the car’s papers to see if it was involved in any major accident or not.

Inspect Car’s Exterior & Interior:

Before deciding to buy a car, completely check it’s interior and exterior. Look out for any scratches, dents, repairs, and paint jobs on the car’s body. Likewise, carefully examine the interior of the car, check the condition of its seats, dashboard, inner cabin, infotainment systems, etc. Additionally, check the car’s floor and mat for any rust due to water leakage. The best advice is to take a professional with you for inspecting the car as they can identify the flaws that you may have missed out.

Take a Test Drive:

Taking the car on a test drive is essential before purchasing it. There are many problems in a car that you cannot physically observe no matter how much you examine it. However, once you drive it, you will be able to observe its true condition. When you start the ignition, pay attention to any unusual sounds tapping or clicking sounds. During the drive, check whether the brakes and electronics of the car are working properly or not.

Check the Car’s Mileage:

Mileage of the car is another factor that you must pay attention to. Cars with high mileage aren’t bad nor cars with low mileage are good. A car’s condition depends upon the maintenance it has received over the years. If the owner got the car checked and maintained on time, then the car’s condition will be good even if its mileage is high. Likewise, an unmaintained car with low mileage will cause you more trouble than a high mileage one. Hence, checking the car’s condition and mileage is important before purchasing it.

Search for Leaks:

Examining the car comprehensively for any signs of leakages is substantial. A car with leakages requires immediate repairs. So, you must check the vehicle you want to buy for any potential signs of leaks. Check under the hood and under the car to see if any fluid is spilling.

Get it Examined by an Expert:

Before finalizing any car for buying, it is important that you get it thoroughly inspected by an expert. For this, you can either take the car to your nearest RTA center where you can get a comprehensive inspection in AED 350-450 or you can hire a local mechanic to check the car for you. If you are going for the latter, ensure that the mechanic thoroughly checks the underside of the car as well.

Land a Fair Deal:

Last but not the least, after ensuring that the car is perfect for you, negotiate its rate. To confirm that you’re not getting overcharged, compare the price of your car with the market prices. Similarly, if you find any shortfalls of the car during the inspection, use it to negotiate the price.

There you have it! These are some of the things that you must bear in mind when you’re going to purchase any of the second-hand cars in UAE.

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