The Basic Things You Need To Know About Iqama

The Basic Things You Need To Know About Iqama

As the largest Arab state, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is constantly implementing incentives to entice foreign investors to make contributions to the local workforce. In fact, the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority was specifically established for this purpose. They help you to how to check stc data,

What Is an Iqama? 

An iqama is a home license.

The nearby manager applies and makes sure about the work grant and iqama so the worker can lawfully work and live in the KSA. The business is viewed as the neighborhood support.

An iqama is given to ostracizes who show up in KSA with a work visa. The term of business is restricted to the measure of time recorded on the work grant. This is presently set at one year for work at privately owned businesses, however, there is an alternative to reestablish the grant following one year.

Application Process for Iqama

Because the iqama application process is often complex, many companies use the assistance of a PEO or other recognized entity to assist with the process.

The process involves many steps.

The first step is for the sponsoring company to complete an application for a Block Visa. The application is submitted to the Ministry of Labor and Social Development. This governmental entity establishes a particular quota for the number of these kinds of visas that it will issue.

If granted, the Ministry of Labor and Social Development issues a permit to the company to sponsor a foreign national employee for a longer duration, up to one year and subject to renewal.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Development bases its approval or denial off of several factors, including:

The applicant’s nationality
Country of origin
Job role
Academic history
The relation between the specific job role and the applicant’s academic qualifications
If the visa is approved, the host company then obtains a Visa Authorization number, as well as a Power of Attorney issued through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The intended employee must undergo a medical exam and receive a medical certificate from an approved medical center and submits this medical certificate and the work visa application to the Saudi Diplomatic Mission in the applicant’s country of residence.

Once the work visa is approved, the ex-pat employee is allowed entrance into the country and can begin working. Within 90 days of entering the country, there must be a submitted application for a work permit and iqama to the Ministry of Labor and Social Development.

If the foreign employee must exit and reenter the country while the work permit and iqama are authorized, the employee must obtain an exit and re-entry permit from the Ministry of Interior.

In Saudi Arabia, employers are liable for all fees associated with obtaining and maintaining a foreign employee’s work permit and iqama. The employer is also responsible for paying repatriation ticket fees if the employee stops working at the company.

How to Check Iqama

Employees who are concerned about their iqama validity or who need to know when the iqama is set to expire can check their visa validity status at the Ministry of Interior’s website. The iqama recipient must have their iqama number to use this service. This check can ensure visa validity in KSA. You can easily check your Iqama Status 

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