Select Right Preclinical CROs to Get a Head Start on Your Drug Program

Select Right Preclinical CROs to Get a Head Start on Your Drug Program

The rising competition in the drug discovery and development sector has been a matter of concern for the pharmaceutical giants. The reason behind this is simple! Staying ahead in the competition with both the pharmaceutical quality and quantity is a pre-requisite. In such a scenario, outsourcing pre-clinical research services to the CRO’s becomes a necessity. 

The pharmaceutical market has ample examples of pre-clinical CROs providing preclinical study analysis and clinical trial support for pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices. However, selecting the right pre-clinical CRO for your pre-clinical task can be troublesome. With so many of them in the market, it is evident for you to scratch your head for the evaluation criteria for shortlisting the best ones. So, here is a quick short selection criterion for shortlisting the best pre-clinical CRO for your organization – 

Experience Portfolio – 

No matter what product or service you choose, experience, services, and customer satisfaction level become your top priority. A similar thing applies here too! While evaluating and shortlisting the pre-clinical CROs for your pharmaceutical establishment, it becomes essential for you to assess the company’s experience. You may start your questionnaire with them by asking your shortlisted CROs about all the principal types of clinical trials they have worked on to date. Get some insights on the kind of team they work with, their educational qualification, their experience levels, and, if possible, obtain their business referrals from their past business clients. 

Strong Management Support – 

Management support is a crucial factor for the selection of the pre-clinical CRO for your pre-clinical drug evaluation tasks. While there are many pre-clinical service providers in the market, you should be very specific when evaluating their performance. A pre-clinical CRO with strong management support will definitely have a team that is more accountable concerning consistency and persistence for accurate and precise pre-clinical evaluation. Furthermore, a strong management team supports their pre-clinical CRO with other essential tasks such as budget constraints, scope evaluation, and changes, project resourcing, etc. The years of expertise and experience bagged in by the pre-clinical CRO’s with strong management support will be an add-on for you. 

Value – 

While going through this article, you might be thinking about cost efficiency as one of the selection criteria for your pre-clinical research services. However, let me be obvious with you – this is not the leading criterion. I will tell you why! Quality and service expertise comes at a specific price. No doubt, the cost comes into foreplay; however, it is not the only criterion to judge whether a CRO is good enough. If your selection process is strategically influenced, other selection criteria definitely play a significant role in the process. 

Transparency – 

You must definitely be seeking business clarity as it matters for developing long-term accountable relationships. So, if you look upon openness as one of the prime criteria of your pre-clinical CRO selection process, you need to communicate for the same with your partnering pre-clinical research services provider. 

These are a few selection criteria for shortlisting the best pre-clinical CRO for your pharmaceutical business success. Let us know if you have any additional ones!

Sophia William

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