Reasons Why You Need To Invest in Hotel Virtual Tours

Reasons Why You Need To Invest in Hotel Virtual Tours

Virtual reality has emerged as one of the leading technology trends, and the business landscape is gradually opening itself to the various opportunities it has to offer. Especially for those in the hotel industry, this technology has become an incredible marketing tool as it allows the consumers to get a virtual view of the hotel. Hotel virtual tours help recreate different sections of the entire hotel, so that the interested customers can get a clear idea about the exceptional quality services, they will be provided while staying at the property, they wish to book.

The role of virtual tours in the hotel industry

The virtual tours can be made available on the website of the hotel, so that the customers can take a look at the hotel, before they arrive. The 360° virtual tour has been recognized worldwide as one of the best ways to offer an in-depth demonstration of any space. Unlike the still pictures, the 3D panoramic view generates a sense of presence, and at the same time, by using your computer you can zoom in and move the images in different directions to seamlessly review each and every element. Furthermore, the consumers can see all types of rooms, swimming pool, overview of open areas, restaurants and other things present inside the property, within seconds.

Interactive virtual tours help the hotel owners represent their brand and gain a strong foothold in the industry. In addition, they get the flexibility to customize the tour as per their preference. They can incorporate their logo, any special message or videos to convey the essence of their brand and to truly stand out in the increasingly competitive business world. Most importantly, to provide comfort to the consumers, these are designed to be viewed across different platforms. Regardless of the device the users use to view them, they only experience an engaging environment.

The reasons why hotel websites require these high-tech tours

Integrating a virtual tour on your website can attract the traffic and influence the customers to make a booking at your hotel. With an exceptionally designed tour, you can captivate the visitors, encourage the new bookings and effectively maintain the interest of the old customers. Besides this, listed below are some other reasons why you need this as your frontline marketing tool.

  1. Helps expand your reach – Hotel virtual tours provide maximum assistance in expanding your reach and targeting your audience. The consumers get the facility to check the infrastructure and services of the hotel in an impressive manner, without sacrificing the comfort of their home. This further gets you heavily booked in advance and reduces your dependency on the walk-ins.
  1. Gradual exposure – If the consumers or travel bloggers are impressed with your virtual tours, they share the screenshots on their social media platforms which are followed by hundreds of people. This, in turn, helps the hotel in organically gaining the needed exposure.
  1. Brings in more attention – Gone are the days of advertising your hotel in the magazines or newspapers. The markets are now being run by the millennials who like to explore everything on the digital space. For this reason, a cutting-edge virtual tour will surely grab their attention and can make your place as their next travel destination
  2. Consumers enjoy the control – One of the most important aspects of a virtual tour is that it gives the entire control to the viewer. They get to move the tour at their own pace, view each image from multiple angles and gain proper knowledge about what exactly they are about to pay for. Moreover, they can do all of this and more through their smartphone or computer.
  3. Leads to positive online reviews – In today’s digitally-driven markets, the online reviews can leave a huge impact on all kinds of small to largely-sized businesses. A virtual tour completely eliminates the chances of over expectations as the consumers get a true picture of the size of the rooms, amenities and other facilities. Once their expectations are met, you are ready to welcome only the positive reviews.

To conclude

The more familiar your consumers get with your hotel online, the better are your chances of increasing the advanced bookings. The most important benefit of hotel virtual tours is their interactive nature. If you use this technology, people will know you as someone, who is transparent, trustworthy and up-to date with the latest trends. So, let your audience experience what it is like to be inside your magnificent property, before they arrive.

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