Rakshabandhan festival Wishes, Messages 2020

Rakshabandhan festival Wishes, Messages 2020

The festival of Rakshabandhan is celebrated every year on the day of Shravan Purnima. The first one was Purnima Guru-Purnima, dedicated to gurus and teachers. Before that, there was Buddha Purnima and before that also Chaitra-Purnima. So this full moon is called Shravan-Poornima, this festival of Raksha Bandhan is dedicated to the relationship of love and duty of brother and sister.


Importance of Rakshabandhan


On Rakshabandhan, sisters tie rakhi to their brother. The brother assures his sister to always accompany and protect him. This tradition is quite popular in India, and it is a very big festival in Shravan Purnima. Yajnopaveet is changed on this day.


Rakshabandhan means a unique relationship of protection, in which sisters tie a thread of rakhi to their brothers, but this thread is also tied with the spirit of friendship, which we also call the thread of friendship. 


Therefore, Raksha Bandhan is such a festival, when all the sisters go to their brothers’ house, and tie a rakhi to their brothers, and say “I will protect you and you protect me”. And it is not necessary that they be their own immediate brothers, they tie a rakhi to anyone else and perform sister’s relationship. So this practice is quite prevalent in this country, and it is a very big festival in Shravan Poornima. Yajnopaveet is changed on this day.


We have a centuries-old tradition of tying rakhi on Rakshabandhan. Each full moon is dedicated to a rough celebration. The most important is to celebrate life. All brothers and sisters should celebrate the festival of Raksha Bandhan with a lot of best wishes, taking responsibility for the love and duty of each other.


Best Rakhi Wishes and Messages few are


  • Happy fate is the sister
    who has the brother’s hand on her head,
    in every trouble, she has to fight ,
    fight and then celebrate with love
    only then there is so much love in this relationship.
    #Happy Rakshabandhan


  • Rishta Hum siblings, Sometimes Sour Sometimes Sweet,
    Sometimes Rough Sometimes Celebrating, Sometimes Friendship
    Ever Quarreling, Sometimes Crying and Laughing Sometimes,
    This is a relationship of love, the most unique
    #Happy Rakshabandhan


  • Chandan ki Dori, flower necklace,
    Aya Sawan month and Rakhi festival,
    which shows brother and sister’s, love,
    Happy Rakhi festival
    # Happy Rakshabandhan


  • These moments are special,
    brother’s hand is in sister’s hands,
    O! I have something special for you,
    your sister is for my sake,
    your brother is always with you.
    #Happy Rakshabandhan
  • Love of the sister is not less than a blessing,
    even if it is far away, it does not become sad,
    often relationships fade from the distance,
    but brotherly love never diminishes
    Bandhan wishes


  • Chawla fragrance and saffron make up
    Rakhi, Tilak, a sweet and happy shower of
    sisters and unmatched love


  •  I come often to call that time in your sweet voice,
    call me brother,
    she has come to wake me up in the morning for school,
    take a rakhi and express
    my heartfelt love to brother and sister


  • Stars on 9kasman all thy getting more life
    might not see anyone,
    every happiness in the world you just pray
     this day Lord of Raksha Bandhan,
    heartfelt greetings
    # Raksha Bandhan


  • The month of Jharay Rimjhim showers of
    Raksha Bandhan, the festival of love has come
    in new clothes, brothers and sisters
    look in the hearts of everyone,
    heartfelt greetings of love
    #Raksha Bandhan


  • Celebrate the bond of love and faith
    that you always ask for blessings, it is
    the festival of Rakhi, brother, come early, get
    tilak from your beloved sister.
    # Heartfelt wishes for Raksha Bandhan




  • This moment is special,
    brother’s hand is in sister’s hands,
    O! I have something special for you,
    your sister is for my sake,
    your brother is always with you


  • God cannot be everywhere, so He created Mother,
    and Mother cannot be with us all the time,
    so God created a sister.


  • Everyone says of the stars of flowers,
    I have a flow in the thousands.
    We all have to be with you,
    a warm welcome to Raksha Bandhan!


  • She was decorated on the wrist with a sweet Rakhi
    Watch the love that makes me cry every moment.


  • Sister may not just love – caress,
    do not ask for big gifts,
    relationship lasted for centuries,
    the brother got thousands of happy.


  • Came the festival of Rakhi,
    out of
    tied with a silk cord,
    a sister put love on her brother’s wrist.


  • To get annoyed and then make a play.
    No, I forget I make you cry
    You are always in the world of your own kind.
    Now Ardas comes here on the lips


  • Like this, everyone’s wrist is full in Rakhi,
    but ask him the pain of not being a sister.
    Whose wrist is numb on the day of Rakhi.


manistha jain

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