Possible ways to Check Indian Railways PNR Status Online

Possible ways to Check Indian Railways PNR Status Online

Are you looking for the best ways to check PNR status online? then this post is only for you. Here you will find possible ways to track online PNR status live by using your mobile phone.

The 10 digit number that you find on train tickets of the Indian Railways is known as your PNR, the abbreviation for Passenger Name Record. This unique number sequence contains personal information of the traveling passengers, such as their itinerary, reservation status of the ticket, and details of the train’s coach number, seat number, train name and number, journey date and time, etc.

Of the 10 digits number, the last 7 digits are generated randomly just to make the PNR sequence unique. On the other hand, the first 3 digits of it are to denote from which Passenger Reservation System a ticket is booked. Moreover, among these 3 digits, the first one is to specify the station of the issued ticket from which the train is starting.

PNR Status

The PNR status is nothing but your reservation status. Primarily it is either confirmed (CNF), waiting list (WL), or reservation against cancellation (RAC). But other than these, a PNR status or reservation status can also be General Waiting List (GNWL), Pool Quota Waiting List (PQWL), Remote Location Waiting List (RLWL), Tatkal Waiting List (TQWL), RAC+WL or Confirmed+RAC.

Importance of Checking PNR Status

Checking your PNR or reservation status before boarding a train is important because it is what tells you if your reservation is confirmed or waiting. It is most important to do so if the PNR status of your was either WL (Waiting List) or RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation) while booking the ticket.

You can board a train only if your PNR status is either CNF or RAC. A CNF status means your ticket is confirmed and there is a berth allotted for you. A RAC status means that you can board the train with your ticket, however, you will be allotted a berth only if there is any cancellation. If your PNR status is neither of the two, it is most likely that you cannot board the train.

Checking PNR Status Online

Checking a PNR status is no difficult work. You can check it both online as well as offline. You can check your PNR status offline either from the railway counter or through SMS or call services. However, if you prefer going for the online process, you can do it using any of the different mobile apps or websites that offer the services.

  • Checking PNR status on websites

If you want to check your PNR status online on websites, several websites on the internet allow you to do that. The official website of the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), the subsidiary of the Indian Railways handling the online ticket operations, catering, and tourism, also allows you to check your PNR status. But other than IRCTC, Goibibo, Paytm, RailYatri, MakeMyTrip, and TrainPNRStatus are some of the other websites that you can use to check your PNR status.

  • Checking PNR status using apps

If you want to check your PNR status online from your smartphone, you can try using mobile applications instead of websites. Just like websites, several mobile apps allow you to check your PNR status. Even the subsidiary of the Indian Railways that handles the online ticket operations, catering, and tourism, IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation), has an official mobile app of their own. But other than that, you can also use the mobile apps of RailYatri, eRail, NDTV Rail Beeps, and PayTm. Some of the other mobile applications that allow you to check your PNR status are Goibibo and MakeMyTrip.

While traveling, often it so happens that we face network issues. If you face anything like it and find it hard to check your PNR status online, don’t forget there are offline alternatives too.

If you want to print your trains tickets then you may do easily by using IRCTC website. You need to just logon to IRCTC official website and then login by using user details. Now go to open booked ticket history page and then go to my account>>My transactions>> ticket booked history and print your train tickets.

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