Play Seamless PUBG and other online games with Tplink re220 Repeater

Play Seamless PUBG and other online games with Tplink re220 Repeater
Mobile gaming is an industry that started off with a boom and is now growing as if it knew no bounds. If we take a closer look into the gaming industry we see that the games with the most numbers of players are the ones that are played online and connect players from across the globe and a few years ago we saw the rise of a singular online Player vs Player shooter game that took over the entire online gaming industry by a blast. Yes, we are talking about Player Unknowns Battle Grounds better known by its acronym, PUBG. Available on all sorts of gaming platforms, be it PC or console or mobile, the game is loved by a whole generation and a few from the older generation. Forget about playing the game. The number of people walking in to just watch the top player stream their amazing gameplay online is a whole industry in itself. Let’s assume you are a PUBG player, which you probably might be in real life.

Tp link helps Gaming

You may have always experienced lag in the game due to the weakness in the network connection and that sure does impart insurmountable amounts of rage inside of you. Imagine being really good at a game but losing due to an internet problem and that too due to being a little bit far away from the router. Bad news. Fixing this problem will not be an issue at all for the tp-link re220 Wi-Fi range extender/repeater. If you have a range problem at home that is making it hard for you to be in your best gaming position at your home and get those snipes right, you should definitely think about getting a Wi-Fi extender. The tp-link re220 extends the range of your router successfully all-around your house so you can be at any position you want and enjoy a perfectly connected lag-less game of PUBG.

Tp link re 2200 setup for gaming

The tp-link re220 extender setup is easy as one could imagine and can be accessed by logging on to the IP address printed on the device or by automatic detection using the TP-Link app. The tp-link re220 is very compatible and can work with any of your existing WiFi routers or access points.  It is a dual-band wireless device producing combined speeds of up to 750 Mbps divided between the two 5GHz and 2.4GHz channels as 300 Mbps and 450 Mbps respectively. The speeds will still always be reliant on your internet service provider and the extender does not, in any way, increase or boost the Wi-Fi speed.

Tp link Connection

Another scenario is where you do not own a router for the start. No trouble, tp-link re220 can do the job. You can always read the tp-link re 220 manual  to know about the many features of this little device. The Ethernet port on the tp-link re220 can turn the extender into the main wifi router and you can always purchase another extender to extend the main tp-link re220.  You may always have wondered how famous gamers never seem to lag out a bit and always have a seamless internet connection. This is because they employ Wi-Fi extenders like the tp-link ac750 re220 and other models. They always have a clear uncut connection and therefore are able to perform the top of their game. They do this while streaming which shows that they have multiple devices like PCs, Tablets and cameras connected simultaneously to the internet and still their connections never seem to waver.

Review of TP Link Device

Read the tp-link re220 review by our online gamer. This is all due to the wi-fi extender. It keeps the network perfect and active at all times in all places around your home with a range of more than 1500 sq. Feet. Once you bring this in and have it set up with your router or as we said earlier, make it the router, you are guaranteed to be performing the best of your plays on that PUBG account of yours without having to stick to one place in your home and having to be scared of lagging out and getting eliminated by someone while your device tries to find a network to reconnect you back to the game. Deploy the tp-link re220 and bid goodbye to those laggy gameplays and say hello to peak performances in online gaming.

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