Packing and Moving — How To Do It Right

Packing and Moving — How To Do It Right

There usually comes a time in every household when they have to say goodbye to one house and say hello to another. Whether it’s because they are exhausted by the norm, tired of the same old sights and scenes, fancy a more secure neighbourhood or just got a better deal at a different location — whatever the reason for the move, it is still an undeniably tasking process.

There’s no argument that summertime is often the favoured season to move. There’s the fact that parents can more easily get off work for a vacation, and then the children who are on holiday can settle well into the neighbourhood, making the school resumption a lot easier on them after the summer break. And to be very sincere, it’s altogether much easier and enjoyable when the move is done on a nice sunny day.

Unfortunately, this brilliant idea of a summer move is not exclusive to you. This is usually the busiest moving season, everyone trying to take advantage of the ease that comes with the summer move. This is why you must plan your move in advance. Scheduling this big day couple of months before will put you ahead of the rush, effectively minimising the amount of stress you face while moving.

Worry no more as Man and A Van London has got you covered. We will provide a few tips that are sure to ease up the process and blow off a little steam when moving to your new home:

  • Updating Your Address

    This is a crucial step, and it should be done before the moving day. List out all the people and organisations you need to notify. This includes your bank, your doctor, the local council and utility company etc. And also, contact the mail office, notify them and arrange for your posts and emails to be forwarded to your new address from the eve of your moving day.

  • Take Pictures of Your Old Home

    Change, as they say, is inevitable. A move is one of the most significant regular changes a person will ever face. But some would try so hard to minimise that change, especially in a move, and attempt to replicate or recreate the interior of your old house, in your new one. A good way to remember the details is to take pictures of every single bit of your old home. From the smallest, most minute details, even to the obvious ones.

    On top of recreation, taking the pictures also makes it easier and much quicker to set up in the new home. Also, it helps keep tabs on all your items, making sure nothing gets missing while moving.

  • Elaborate Packing

    Another hack for an easy move is Elaborate Packing. Boxing and packaging your items in a clever, organised manner makes tracking and setting up a lot quicker. It is advised you store essential items in a separate box, in case you need to access them in a hurry. At all times, you should have your phone, wallet and other vital documents on hand. Do not get them mixed up with the rest of your stuff. On the boxes, make clear inscriptions about the items, the room they were at the old house, and the room you want them in the new house. Carefully select special storage for smaller objects like bolts, nuts and screws, and come up with creative ways to store them, like the use of old handbags or bins.

  • Hire Professional Movers

    We always like to encourage a lot of “ yourself” home remedies, but this is not one of those cases. Sure, having friends and relatives over might ease the process a little bit, but that’s still a lot of lifting and shuttling. Instead, consider man with a van hire in London, and take the load off yourself completely, which means you don’t need to do any lifting or transporting at all. Additioonaly, there’s always a damage-free guarantee on your items. And for the cherry on top, all the items that have been disassembled to be packed and moved, will then be assembled for you at your new place. So feel free to ease up and relax through the entire process.

  • Check Your Utility Metres

    After a successful move, you probably want to relax, kick your feet up, and maybe enjoy a night of TV at your new place; But before all that, you should endeavour to take a look at your utility metre readings. Hand them over to your energy supplier to prevent overbilling as regards to your usage for the initial month.

  • Inspect the Home Security Alarms

    And finally, it’s only right we point out that your security is in your hands. It’s your duty and responsibility to see to it that the home’s security systems are fully operational from locks to alarms and the rest — smoke alarms inclusive. At the very least, your smoke detectors should be fully operational, also, ensure you have a fire extinguisher in your new home. If either of these is missing, it is essential you take it up with the landlord as soon as possible, or go out and get new ones at a nearby hardware store.

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