Overcoming the Difficulties of Learning a New Language

Overcoming the Difficulties of Learning a New Language

What are the most common difficulties of learning a New Language and how to overcome them!


“Learning a foreign language, and the culture that goes with it, is one of the most useful things we can do to broaden the empathy and imaginative sympathy and cultural outlook of children” quote by Michael Gove.
The quote states that learning a language comes with many benefits and useful skills that one could use in everyday life; especially when being taught a language at a young age. However, it is obvious that when deciding to learn a new language, difficulties would arise. Below you will find a list of difficulties one might face when learning a new language and how to overcome them in a smart way.

There are many ways that one could learn a new language; either it is through classes or via a free language exchange program. It is definitely easier to learn a language using an exchange program rather than a normal classroom setting due to the lack of pressure that comes with it and it could often be the solution to all the problems that come up while in the process of learning. To learn a new language one might face several difficulties:


  1. Lack of timeWorried about not finding the time to learn the language?

    To learn a new language one needs time and dedication; a lot of effort should be put into the process to insure a good and positive outcome. Therefore, when you decide that it is time to start setting a bit of time aside to learn a language, joining a free language exchange program gives you the ability to pick the time that suits you best and work your life’s schedule around it. There would be no fixed times that would force you to skip classes or miss out on important information.
    Keep in mind, the more time you commit per week to learning this foreign language, the faster you would acquire it!

  2. Exposure to the language → Worried of not being exposed to the new language?

    There are many issues that come to mind when acquiring a new language. The most important and crucial one is the amount of exposure one would have to the new language. People hear it all the time; the more you speak a foreign language the more you will be able to perfect it! Well, this problem is easily overcome by simply having to force yourself to talk using this language with a person who is a native speaker of it; such free programs are available online – one would be able to speak using this new language while having someone correct along the way the mistakes in pronunciation and sentence structures.

  3. Age obstacles →  Worried that you are too old to learn a new language?

    According to N. Doidge, “learning a second language, after the critical period for language learning has ended, is more difficult because, as we age the more our native language comes to dominate the linguistic map space and the second language finds it hard to compete”Age is a huge worry when it comes to learning a new language; a lot of studies suggest that the older the person becomes the harder it is for them to learn a new language with ease and perfection. However, new research has put forward that a person can never actually be ‘too old’ to learn a new language – some people would find it easy while others would have a harder time; therefore, do not stop yourself before giving it a try! Start the first step of this process and the rest will easily flow.

  4. Perfection → Worried that you will not be able to speak correctly?

    Deciding to learn a new language and actually starting to speak the language are two completely different things! When someone starts to learn the new rules of a new language with the different grammar styles and sentence structure formats, a lot of worries arise that would hinder the progress one is making. It is never easy to learn something new; people would struggle with slang, form and usage, pronunciation, and accent. All these issues could be easily avoided when you dedicate time to speak the language constantly; joining a free language exchange program is a great way to be able to do that. This way, one is able to do progress in small strides while enjoying the time simply discussing life’s trivial things!


As a general concept; there are a lot of people around the world who can testify that by simply learning a new language, many doors in life have opened up to them. This is especially relevant in the case of human beings who are living in poor countries with minimum wages, struggling to live day by day; having a skill such as being fluent in more than one language made them more confident, and pushed them to apply to work in foreign countries, and this in turn made them successful people who were able to provide better lives for their families. Examples of such people are Yuen Ren Chao, Kato Lomb, and Ken Hale. No matter what field of work you do, the fact that you can easily communicate with a bigger number of people from different ethnicities without facing any obstacles is a positive thing! Money should not be an issue when there are free language exchange programs available to access and easy to use.

As a final note anyone can take with them is that it is important to keep in mind that with hard work and dedication the impossible becomes possible! No problem can ever be too big that would limit a person’s road to success and greatness. Acquiring a new language is a great way to forward your career, and a crucial step in kids’ lives – parents would give their kids this gift at a small age knowing that education is priceless.


Mitch Akl

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