Outstanding Graduate Schools at NEU for International Students

Outstanding Graduate Schools at NEU for International Students

Near east university is one of the largest private universities in North Cyprus. The university is a relatively new educational institute as it was established in the year 1988. During the past three decades of its operations, the university has established its name at the national and international levels. The quality of education is nothing less than any other acknowledged international institute.

The university is also attracting students from the developing and underdeveloped countries of the world due to its low-cost education. It also offers a number of other incentives that attract the attention of students from South Asian countries like Pakistan. The university is aware of its responsibility for providing education about diverse fields of life, thus established graduate schools.

This article aims to discuss some outstanding graduate schools at near east university, north Cyprus for international students.

Top 5 Graduate Schools at Near East University

Graduate study programs hold great importance for the professional career of students. This is the level which helps them develop skills and expertise which will further help them in professional life. Highly reputed institutes provide a variety of study options, along with the high quality of education and research facilities to the students so that they can excel in life.

The following are the top graduate schools at near East University that are offering admission to international students.

  • Graduate School of Criminal Science

Graduate school of criminal science is one of the superlative schools at near east university, north Cyprus. With the advancement of technology, criminal activities, as well as the psychology of criminals is also making advancements, studying about it is crucial to make the world a better place to live.

Criminal Chemistry and Toxicology and Criminal Psychology are the two most popular graduate programs offered by the school of criminal sciences. Students eager to secure their admission often acquire the help of education consultants in Islamabad and ensure to learn and polish their skills to establish a successful career.

  • Graduate School of Educational Sciences

Another significant school at the near east university is the graduate school of educational science. Providing education to the students may look a simpler task; however, it is not as much as it seems. Therefore, students who want to pursue their careers in the educational field need to develop a few skills, expertise, and insights.

Popular programs offered by the graduate school of educational sciences include Creative Drama in Education, Educational Administration Supervision, Guidance, and Psychological Counselling, English Language Education, and Environmental Education.

  • Graduate School of Applied Sciences

Applied sciences is one of the most crucial fields of education, as well as society. The graduate school of applied sciences at the near east university is trying its best to educate the students while providing them research facilities to excel in life.

The following are some of the most pursued graduate programs at the school of applied sciences, Construction Management, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Food Engineering, Interior Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Information Systems Engineering, and Mechatronics Engineering.

  • Graduate School of Social Sciences

No society can make and retain progress without giving due attention to the field of social sciences. It helps them explore the functionality of society and improve it in order to make it better for future generations. The graduate school of social sciences at near East University is preparing social scientists that can lead the world tomorrow.

General Psychology, Human Resource Management, Innovation & Knowledge Management, International Business, International Law, International Relations, Maritime Law, Media, and Communication Studies, and Public Law are some of the most popular study programs at the graduate school of social sciences.

  • Graduate School of Health Sciences

Health sciences are one of the most important fields of education any society can offer. The graduate school of health sciences at the near east university acknowledges the fact the health of human beings, plants, and animals is equally important. Therefore, it offers admissions accordingly.

Graduate school of health sciences is currently offering admission in diverse study programs like Animal Nutrition and Nutritional Diseases, Biochemistry, Biostatistics, Clinical Pharmacy, Dento Maxillofacial Radiology, Endodontics, and Food Hygiene and Technology. If you are interested in any of these programs, you can hire the services of education consultant in Islamabad and secure your admission, as well as get visa assistance.

Join NEU graduate schools to become successful!

The near east university offers admission to a variety of study programs for national and international students. All you need to do is explore your interests and pick the best-suited graduate school. If you are facing doubts, you can always consult the professionals about the best choice.

So, make your decision now and do not hesitate to ask for help. Secure your admission at NEU and set the pace for a successful international career.

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