How online examination software can benefit educational institutions.

How online examination software can benefit educational institutions.

The COVIDĀ  pandemic is very challenging , not only number of organizations and businesses operating around the world but also educational institutions are equally affected. However, educational institutions now switch to an online teaching methodology, and with a complete online strategy, they started school online in several locations around the world.

However, COVID has challenged the way exams are conducted in educational institutions.This forced all educational institutions to postpone their exams or switch to the use of online examination software forĀ  an online exam

In this article, I am talking about how online exams can benefit educational institutions

What is online examination software

online examinationOnline examination software simplify examination process such as defining test patterns with question banks, defining test timers, defining objective/subjective question sections, and conducting tests in a paperless manner using a computer or mobile device. It’s a technology-based approach.

The online exam system is a cost-effective and scalable way to convert traditional pen and paper-based exams to online and paperless modes.

Candidates can complete the exam using a desktop, laptop, or mobile device with a browser. You can instantly generate test results for objective types of question.

Need of online examination software

Traditional examination systems have been around for a long time. Although the coordination of exam duration, question format, evaluation methods, and feedback has evolved over the years, these pen and paper models have generally been educated for decades. So, why did you change to the online exam system now?

In short, with technological innovation, an increasingly globalized world, and data-driven insights into teaching and learning methodologies, online testing systems can provide a better perspective on a student’s academic journey. Exams are not part of student life but it is an assessment tool that allows students, teachers and parents to track and measure student achievement. It also serves as a concrete indicator that underlies learning and education decisions for the future.

Unlike conventional examination systems, online online examination systems have been improved in many ways. From easy setup to remote access to quick evaluation, online test systems do better as an evaluation tool.

Advantage of online examination system


Saves paper.

There is no need to print and distribute exams for students. Saves paper. Save the tree. Everyone is happy.

Saves time.

Exams can be set up in a way that it grade automatically. If you’re only using multiple choice questions, you don’t need to double-check the exam. Online examination systems take care of this hassle. It is completely automated.

It save the exam paper distribution time you just need to upload student’s email address and send an invitation. Student can start exam and also you get results immediately after finishing exam.

Saves money.

No need to buy paper. Email sending is free. Not only that, it can reduce logistics costs. Students do not need to gather in the classroom to take the test. You can do it within a given time on your device. There is no need to rent a classroom. You don’t need to hire someone to identify a student taking the test.

Students do not need to go to a specific location to take the test. So students from remote areas can also take the test.

More beneficial

It most important benefit is that every student get a different question paper as online examination software can select a question randomly and create unique question paper for every student

Features of online examination software


Exam notification

This feature allows students and parents to know in real time about assessment schedules, revisions, and assessment results through notifications via web, mobile or app.

Automation planning and scheduling

Exam planning and registration becomes more complex and may require complete planning. You should choose an online examination software with this feature. This feature handles and stores student applications, generates timetables, handles hall tickets, assigns exam location with configurable seating plans, and finally displays attendance marking option.

Easy accessible and user friendly

Various educational institutions and recruiting organizations face serious challenges, especially when conducting mock tests/exam at multiple exam centers in different locations. Therefore, you should use online exam software that is easily accessible to evaluators and candidates. Evaluators should have no difficulty registering and logging in from anywhere using a computer and internet access. Online exam software should replicate and simulate the real exam experience for those who can’t get enough of the traditional look and feel of the exam.

Comprehensive report and in-depth analysis

The importance of reporting and analysis cannot be excluded for instructors and teachers who do the hard work of manually revising reports. According to the calculated score, at the end of the test, the evaluator and the participant should be able to see the score at the same time.

The generated report should highlight critical performance areas through question-by-question feedback and a promising approach to incorrect answers. The data generated from the report helps educator and teachers design learning/training modules.

Shivani Chavhan

I am educational software developer .My aim is to leverage the use of technology in a education sector and take them to next level

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