Top 7 On-Demand App Startup Ideas For The Year 2020

Top 7 On-Demand App Startup Ideas For The Year 2020

On-demand app startup ideas: From the last few years, on-demand apps have become popular. The on growing demand in the market for apps like these make mobile app development companies focus more on creating them. On-demand apps do the most business in the world of mobile apps. According to a survey conducted by the app analytics firm named App Annie, the mobile app economy is expected to grow to $6.3 Trillion by 2021.

Top 7 On-Demand App Startup Ideas For The Year 2020

With on-demand apps, users can get anything they want in time. Users can get any service with just a tap on their smartphone. Therefore, startup businesses prefer to have an on-demand app that can reach a broad audience. Here, let’s learn about some of the top on-demand app startup ideas suggested by the on-demand app development company for the year 2020.


Top 7 On-Demand App Ideas Startup 


1. Food Delivery App

The food delivery apps are one of the most popular on-demand apps. In current times, people prefer to get everything they want at the place they are. Some of the popular on-demand food delivery apps are Zomato and Swiggy.

The food delivery app helps the user get food on time at your mentioned address so you can have a satisfying meal and continue with your other daily activities. 

2. Taxi Sharing App

The on-demand taxi apps are so in demand that they can never go out of trend people will always need a way to travel. For the startups, there is a vast scope to earn more by making more of these.

The rented vehicle business is widespread. It offers plenty of opportunities. People need various types of traveling vehicles and to book them. They can use one of these using the on-demand vehicle renting apps like Uber and Ola. Using such user-friendly apps makes it easy and pocket-friendly for people to get an affordable transport facility.

3. Self Grooming, Health, & Fitness App

Everyone is concerned about their health, whether it is physical or mental. To provide services for people’s well-being, there are on-demand apps that can track the sleep cycle, female body cycle, and various other patterns of the human body. 

Some health apps prescribe medicines according to your illness and also remind the user to follow a strict diet. There are apps that can help users record their daily activities. These apps give you guidance to do exercises at home, which can save you extra time and money. The best example of such apps is HealthifyMe. 

4. Lifestyle & Fashion App

To keep up with the daily trends, one needs to get regular updates with the fashion trends and the latest lifestyle patterns. There are apps that deal with the latest trends in gadgets and outfits that any individual wishes to buy can compare the prices on the various mobile apps. 

Online shopping has become a massive part of everyday life. The sudden growth in the last decade has made more and more people buy products on the internet than physically going to shops to buy them. Some of the most popular lifestyle & fashion apps are Myntra, Amazon, and Flipkart. 

5. Grocery Delivery App

In today’s busy life schedule, users want everything at their doorsteps. Grocery shopping is one such thing that is necessary and time-consuming. Therefore, people prefer to buy groceries using on-demand mobile apps that can deliver the products in a day or two. 

Grocery shopping apps like BigBasket and Nature’s Basket that enables users to buy groceries from anywhere and anytime. 

6. On-Demand Services App

There are many different types of things that require help or services. For instance, plumbing, house cleaning, electric fittings at home, and many more. Now, in these fast-growing lives, the on-demand apps for such services are blessings for people. Apps like Urban Clap and Just Dial provide all sorts of services within minutes. All one needs to do is open the app and book a service or call for the assistance you want.

These service apps enable users to hire professionals who can come at the user’s preferable time and get the work done.  

7. Learning App

Learning is a process that can be done at any age and stage of life. With the growth in technology, people who want to learn something new but don’t get time to join classes can now opt for online learning apps that can help in learning anything & everything.

Educational on-demand apps help the users to find the best tutor and expand their knowledge in any field. Some of the most popular on-demand learning apps are Udemy, Byju’s, and Coursera. 


Benefits of Using On-Demand Mobile Apps

The modern age and stage have made 80% of the business turn towards on-demand app development. Having a useful and highly-flexible mobile app for a business is seen as the most advantageous thing. Here is the list of benefits that the on-demand apps provide.

  • Employee efficiency and satisfaction
  • Leverage the potential of mobile technology
  • Provides unlimited business opportunities
  • Scalability and Security
  • Affordability
  • Easy selection of providers for users
  • Users get cashless payment facility



The never-ending demands of users make the on-demand app development companies thrive on developing more and more unique apps that can brighten the future of any business. Startups can surely benefit from such apps as the popularity of on-demand app clones is increasing day by day. If you own a business and want to take it online, you can contact the on-demand app developers of OpenXcell.

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