4 Ways To Celebrate Anniversary During This Virus Outbreak

4 Ways To Celebrate Anniversary During This Virus Outbreak

It feels like yesterday when we celebrated the new year or anniversary, and soon after it, we all were shut in our houses. All the memories of the start of 2020 are still fresh because after we entered this year, we kind of did not have many memories to make.

We all were so excited to welcome this another year and made resolutions and all. Had I known that 2020 has all this summed up for us, I would have paused it right there, fast forward it, and start again in the year 2021.

This is one of the worst years we have to live in. Coronavirus- this word has officially become the most heard and the most searched word of 2020. The virus has infected so many people, taken a life, and the worst part is that we cannot do celebrations and gatherings. No get-togethers with friends and family to celebrate special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. 

A wedding anniversary is a special day in a couple’s life. It marks another year of togetherness, and they wait for a whole year for this day to come. Unlike any virus, the anniversary is a one-day thing, so it gets over within a day. This makes it even more precious. You cannot just let this day pass because of an outbreak, which definitely is not going away any time soon. Let the virus do its work while you do yours, that is, making your partner happy by celebrating this special day.

I know you can’t go out and party, but when you have your soulmate right by your side, who needs a fancy party. When you have high spirits, nothing can dampen your celebration, not even coronavirus. Starting for simple flower delivery online, there is so much that can be done. Here are some ideas to celebrate your anniversary while still maintaining social distancing norms. 

order online gifts

First of all, an anniversary is incomplete without giving your partner a beautiful gift. Couples often go out shopping to buy each other anniversary gifts. But this year, as it is still not very safe to go out in the malls and shop. As stepping out is risky, you can still shop amazing gifts for your partner. All thanks to the online gift delivery services. They will drop the parcel at your door, and no contact delivery is safe. You can sanitize your parcel before use. If you are a couple who does not exchange gifts, you can continue to do so. Although a gift would be great this year if you cannot take out your bae for a date. 

Plan a movie date

I know theatres are still hanging with the tag “closed’. But who needs to rush to the movie theatres when all the latest movies are being released on the digital platforms. Yes, if you are a keen movie fanatic and like to tick off all the latest movies from your list, then you can still enjoy the latest movies (Hollywood as well as Bollywood) on your favorite digital subscription. Organize a movie date at your home itself. Enjoy the movie while keeping your privacy intact. 

A visual celebration

As we know, social gathering is still a dream even when the lockdown has been uplifted, celebrating with friends and family is a big no-no idea. You would not want to put their lives in danger, right? So, if you really miss their presence on this day, you can still feel them right there while maintaining a distance by going for a video call. Add your favorite people in a conference video call while sitting and relaxing with your partner. Gang up over a call and have a blast together. 

Say it with flowers

Now comes the best part of this quarantine celebration. Whatever happens in the world, there is something that always makes us feel better and holds a celebratory vibe. You can give your partner a bouquet of fresh flowers. When everything around us is either closed or not delivering, online flower delivery in Kolkata is still available, and you can get your partner’s favorite flowers. 

So, these are some of the anniversary celebration ideas that can be used while still being at home. All you need is your partner and some good ideas to have a rocking anniversary day this year. 

Ashutosh Verma

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