Negative Effects of Video Games

Negative Effects of Video Games


In the last century, kids spent their time outside and made lame excuses to spend more and more time with their real-life friends & to play sports, including cricket, football, basketball, etc. But now, all children want smartphones and tablets to spend their free time. Where sports give a healthy body, the use of digital devices has more negative effects than its positive effects.


When we talk about our teens, they do not listen to parents, and what they want, they really want it. That’s why they get addicted to video games and can’t differentiate between quality and violent games.


In this article, we will discuss some negative effects of Video Games plus what tips you should follow with the Android Monitoring App.


Negative Effects of Video Games


If you think that every online game is not good, then it’s wrong. It depends on what game your kid chooses to play and how much time spend playing the games.


1 – Excessive usage of games lower the creativity level

2 – Teens can get trapped in Suicidal Games

3 – Hit the kid’s Mental Health


1 – Excessive usage of games lower the creativity level


When a user spends most of the time on the internet or on playing online games, then there will be chances that it affects the creativity level of the player. We shouldn’t go for excessive usage of anything because it ruins your routines and reduces your creative efforts.


Teens or kids prefer to play online video games mostly, that’s why they have health issues and eyesight problems.


2 – Teens can get trapped in Suicidal Games

Cyber world is good until you go with its positive side. But let us tell you that there are suicidal games available on the internet that can trap your child and urge them to take their life.


This is the most terrible scenario on the internet which was the reason for the death of many people. In recent years, many cases were reported regarding Suicidal Games.


Dark web targets only youth and send them emails or invite them to play their games to earn a billion dollars.

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3 – Hit the kid’s Mental Health


After spending so much time on internet usage or video games, a kid can’t communicate with the parents properly, and lack of communication weakens the bond between parents and kids.


Parents should watch their kids and what games they prefer to play all the time. If they play quality games but spend more time, then you can set the screen time.


Kids can play violent games as well, which brings more threats to them. Violent video games raise the criminal activity sense in your kid and urge them to use guns in real-life.


Mental health is vital if you want to spend a healthy life with your loved ones, but such violent games make the user aggressive and bring changes in their behavior.


Tips to Provide Secure Environment Using Android Spy App


If kids do not know what is good for them and what’s not, then we parents can teach them how to stay safe while choosing the right & quality games with limited screen timing.


That’s why we are going to describe the functionality of Android Spy App and some important tips to provide a secure environment.


Android spyware helps a lot to fight with many cyber dangers, including video games, online predators, malware attacks, data leakage, and many more.


Here, we will take the best app, TheWiSpy, and learn how it can protect your kids from video game addiction.


TheWiSpy – Exceptional Monitoring Services


This app requires the installation process in the target device, but you need to buy its license. When you access the target device, install it and Go to its Control panel on your device and enter the license key plus child’s information. It provides many features, but now, we will throw light on how you can install it to prevent kids from video game addiction.


It allows the end-user to uninstall any app or game from the target device through the user-friendly control panel.


It enables the end-user to block the access of inappropriate game sites. 


The end-user can set the screen time or limit the use of screen time. 

Set the Game age rating so that your kid can’t find the adult video games. 


Do you want to prevent the side effects of the video games?


Well, Let’s try TheWiSpy exceptional monitoring services and let the kids play the only quality game with a limited time screen!

Sharad Saxena

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