Multi-Residential Cockroach Pest Control for Brampton Property Managers

Multi-Residential Cockroach Pest Control for Brampton Property Managers

AR Pest Control is rated the TOP 3 Pest Control Companies as voted by consumers in the Brampton Area. AR Pest Control also is the ONLY Pest Control Company in Brampton and the GTA area with a perfect 5 Star Google Review Rating. The ONLY one. So if you are tired of your current service provider not calling back, not providing you with a timely service or timely solutions, or if they are not eliminating your issue when you have an urgent or critical need to do so, simply contact AR Pest Control.

If you are searching for a reliable partner for Pest Control in Brampton and the surrounding area, give AR Pest Control the opportunity toprove ourselves to you. We might just be that breath of fresh air you have been looking for and give you that good night’s sleep. Simply contact us for a FREE, no obligation consultation and quote TOLL FREE 1-855-670-7378 or at or visit our website at

As a Property Manager in Brampton you are probably asking yourself how AR can make these claims about how good they are. We can because we have devised a bulletproof plan of action plan, coupled with our industry leading methodologies to eradicate Cockroaches from Multi-residential building not only in the Brampton area and throughout the entire GTA.

What can you expect from AR Pest Control when you first meet with one of our representatives? You can expect a professional, attentive person that will listen and understand, document and identify your needs. We will customize a program that will best suit your needs and will fit within your budget.

Below are some of our methodologies and the documentation that AR will provide to support your customized program for ALL Multi-Residential Property Managers in Brampton to combat Cockroaches and other occasional pest related issues. We are proud to be one of the TOP 3 Pest Control providers in Brampton.

Why AR Pest Control Cockroach Treatments stand out from other Pest Control companies in Brampton and in the GTA


Cockroaches are hermaphroditic and as such they lay eggs at an alarming rate. German Cockroaches, which are about 98 percent of the Cockroaches found in apartments and Condominiums have egg sacks. Each egg sack can contain as much as 100 Cockroaches waiting to infest a home once they hatch. There is no product known to man that can penetrate a Cockroach egg sack.

As part of our Complete Building Cleanout Services, we flush out the Cockroaches out from their harbourage areas. When that process occurs some Cockroaches will drop their egg sacks and very hard to reach areas. We come back 2 weeks later to retreat the unit/units to eliminate the Cockroaches that have hatched since the Initial Service and thus we eliminate the second generation.

We augment the Cockroach Flush Service with other convention methods such as Gelling and Dusting.


Complete Building Cockroach Cleanout Treatment Reporting

AR Pest Control will provide you with ALL the documentation you would need to track the success of our Complete Building Cockroach Cleanout Treatment Services.

  1.  Tenant Preparation Instructions for Cockroach Treatments.
  1.  Tenant Survey – that can be given to Tenants who will need a follow up treatment after the Initial Treatment that can be customized for Cockroach or Bed Bug Complete Building Cleanout Services.
  1.  A computer generated Post Service Report that I personally put together after each Complete Building Cockroach Cleanout that we perform. This Post Service Report enables you as the Property Manager to keep track of what service has been provided for the unit during a Building Cleanout.
  1.  A Post Service Tenant Survey that would be filled out by Tenant/Owners that had activity during the Initial Cleanout Service. The Post Service Tenant Report is handed out to the Tenant/Owner that has been identified as having issues and they fill out the form and returns the completed form to the Office so when we come back to the follow up service you will know which Units still have issues and which units are now clear.

If you would like to switch your current monthly service provider we can provide you with a customized monthly program price.


We can also provide our monthly clients with a fixed rate –Occasional Pricing Matrix for Services not covered under the Regular Scope of Service. This will help you better budget for unforeseen issues that might arise throughout the year

Please take a moment to review, four of our actual customer 5 Star Google Reviews for Property Manager and support staff in the Brampton area.

Actual 5 Star Google Reviews for Cockroach Control Brampton and surrounding area

5 Star Google Review– Jaclyn H – Property Manager

The AR Pest Control team has done wonderful work in a high-rise in the Brampton area which I manage. The building has had an ongoing problem with COCKROACHES for many years and previous companies have not been effective. AR Pest Control has promised to remain with the building until such time that there building no longer has an issue. The follow up treatments are the difference compared to other companies. Our service tech is a master in the art of remediation and is very knowledgeable and provides home owners with a sense of comfort before and after any treatments have been performed.

Andrew and Maqbool’s team are top notch and get five stars from me!

5 Star Google Review– Irene D. – Superintendent

I am a building superintendent in a residential high rise in Mississauga that had an ongoing problem with cockroaches. We had tried several pest control companies to get rid of the problem, to which there was no success. We then tried AR Pest Control whom has did an amazing job of eliminating our problem. Shamus one of the techs is one of the best, he is very knowledgeable and takes pride in his work. I highly recommend AR Pest Control for your pest problems. Keep up the great work team.

5 Star Google Review –The Montgomery

Professional, knowledgeable and well-priced company.
Andrew and his team do a fantastic job servicing our high rise building!

5 Star Google Review – Nik Gro

Great company, we have been using them at our property for about 7 months now. Very professional and attentive, always quick to respond. Thanks for the great service!

Below is a list of pest control services that AR Pest Control provides:

Most Common Invaders in Multi-Residential in Brampton and all across GTA:

  • Ants – non-wood boring Pavement Ants & Pharaoh Ants
  • Bed Bugs
  • Cockroaches
  • Centipedes, Earwigs, Millipedes and Sow Bugs
  • Fleas
  • Flies – Cluster Flies, Drain Flies & Phorid Flies
  • Mice, Rats
  • Spiders
  • Wasps


  • Birds
  • Wildlife – Raccoons, Squirrels, Moles, Voles, Groundhogs etc.

The AR Pest Control “MISSION STATEMENT” is – “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” At AR Pest Control we are committed to Protect Your Brand Identity and partner with you to give exceptional service, valued and informative consultations, free quotations, affordable and reliable pest control to meet and exceed all your pest control needs. We will work with you to customize and implement an Integrated Pest Management Program solution.

Contact us for a FREE, no obligation consultation and quote TOLL FREE 1-855-670-7378 or at or visit our website at

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