Best Center for Male Fertility Treatment in Jaipur – IASH

Best Center for Male Fertility Treatment in Jaipur – IASH

If a couple cannot conceive naturally, then the accused reason is one of the hormonal disorders in men and women. If a couple is trying to conceive for more than a year continuously and still is not able to have a child, the concerned couple should seek medical advice with no delay. I want to tell you that,  IASH is (Institute of Andrology and Sexual Health) The Best male fertility treatment in Jaipur.

If a couple is unable to conceive, it is not due to the inferior quality of the female eggs at all times, but it can also be the reason for male fertility. It has become old when a woman who struggles for a child was considered infertile.

Infertility, although it was a women’s problem a few decades ago. If we talk today, the factor of 55 to 57 percent of the couple’s pregnancy is male infertility. Typically, 40 to 45 percent of all men have some form of infertility. In such a situation, when a couple is having trouble conceiving, we should examine both men and women.

Sometimes some cause of infertility is unclear. Or unknown infertility is caused when all the reports of the male in the investigation are normal, yet he is not able to get his partner pregnant

The disease of Male Fertility:-

Male Fertility Treatment in Jaipur

  • Low Testosterone / Andropause:-

Testosterone is a hormone produced by the testicles whose main function is to develop sexual organs of men. Testosterone is also important for maintaining sexual function. It ties together thoughts of muscle and manliness. In fact, testosterone helps in fueling sex drive but is also helpful in controlling mood, levels, memory, and bone strength.

  • Low Libido:-

Low libido is because of a lack of sexual relations or reduced interest in sex. Low libido can affect both sexes, but more visible in females than males. 

  • Male Infertility:-

Male Infertility is any health issue in a man that lowers the chances of his female partner getting pregnant or After attempting male infertility for a period of 1 year, there is a lack of ability to have children with a healthy woman. Typically, if the couple cannot produce a child after having unprotected intercourse for more than a year, they classify it as a case of infertility. But the definition of infertility also says that if the woman’s age is beyond 30, then the considered time is not 1 year but 6 months. 

When to consult a doctor?

Male Fertility Treatment in Jaipur

Without the use of any contraceptive medicines, even if there is no pregnancy in a year, then the guidance of a physician is required.


  • Ejaculation happens
  • Have very little sex desire
  • Problems during sexual activity
  • Inflammation of the scrotum
  • Testicular [testicular area] pain or discomfort
  • Prostate related problem
  • Big surgery
  • Ling, testis or testicle surgery

If you are troubled by these diseases, then go to Jaipur’s Best Sexual Center Institute of Andrology and Sexual Health (IASH) as soon as possible or you get successful treatment.

Test for Male Fertility Treatment in Jaipur:-

Male Fertility Treatment in Jaipur

There are several options available to treat male fertility treatment in Jaipur, which depends on the severity and duration of male reproduction. Various tests are done to analyze male fertility, which is as follows.

  1. Hemoglobin
  2. Packed Cell Volume
  3. RBC Count
  4. Total WBC
  5. Differential Count
  6. Platelet Count
  7. MCV
  8. MCH
  9. MCHC
  10. ESR and Peripheral Smear (if CBC findings are abnormal)
  11. Random Blood Sugar (RBS)
  12. HbA1C
  13. Blood group (ABO & Rh typing)
  14. Hb Variants testing (Thalassemia, Sickle cell)
  15. G6PD
  16. Sexually transmitted diseases
    1. HIV
    2. Hepatitis B
    3. Hepatitis C
    4. Syphilis (VDRL)
    5. Chlamydia
    6. Trichomonas
  17. Urine Routine and Microscopy
  18. Urine Culture and Sensitivity
  19. Liver function tests
  20. Renal function tests
  21. S. testosterone (For males)
  22. S.FSH- For females (on day2/3 of the menstrual cycle)
  23. S. LH- For females (on day2/3 of the menstrual cycle
  24. S. Estradiol- For females (on day2/3 of the menstrual cycle
  25. AMH – For females (To assess the ovaries)
  26. Ultrasonogram Pelvis (for Women)
  27. Ultrasound Scrotum (For Men)
  28. Semen Analysis and culture for Men

Why IASH is Best Male Fertility Treatment in Jaipur

Male Fertility Treatment in Jaipur -iash

  • IASH is the Best Center for Male Fertility Treatment in Jaipur, Because the Institute of Andrology and Sexual Health (IASH) was founded as a venture of Bhandari Hospital and Research Center, Jaipur. It aimed to focus on male sexual health and solving all male sexual problems, IASH has undergone many successful treatments of male infertility, which has given many people the pleasure of becoming parents.
  • IASH India is a one-stop solution to improve the level of male sexual health providing all facilities. This makes us a type of health institution where no aspect of male sexual health remains untouched.
  • IASH provides guidance from trained male sexual health specialists to its clients, making it fully satisfied and well equipped with scientific, full of determination of the latest state-of-the-art health equipment. 
  • The treatments and services performed by sex experts are up to date with the findings of international standards. The institute targets a multi-disciplinary approach with a strong focus on enhancing lifestyles and promoting awareness of many male sexual health issues.
  • IASH provides Privacy and Anonymity of patients 

IASH Provide Services for patients:-

  • IASH promotes awareness of various male sexual health issues.
  • Gives priority to patients’ privacy
  • Safe treatment using ultra-modern technologies like,
    1. Biothesiometer (to check sensations in the penis)
    2. Shock wave therapy (for improving your erections) FROM Germany
    3. Biofeedback (to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles) FROM Netherland
    4. HAAG – STREIT (High-power Microscope) from the USA
  • IASH first listen to patients’ entire problems and does research on those problems Then after treated those problems


Male fertility is the biggest problem for sexual life. Do not ignore this problem. Immediately go to a sexual specialist doctor and consult for this problem. According to Research Dr. Chirag Bhandari is the Best Sexologist Doctor and Advisor in Jaipur.

It has done a lot of successful treatments and provides a better sexual life. He has a 7 + year experience. He has previously worked at University College London Hospital, London.

So stop thinking and go to Dr. Chirag Bhandari, Jaipur’s best sexologist (Institute of Andrology and Sexual Health) and get rid of your sexual problem. A great man has said that there is nothing without good sexual health.

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