Making music with Passion

Making music with Passion

“I often think in Music. I live my daydreams in Music”- Albert Einstein


Life is full of different music. From the chirpings birds in the morning to the mildest sound of dew drops in the night. Music is bliss in midst of clouds. The passion for music grows with age, it never stops neither it can end. To be passionate about music is to be passionate about life. Music is the heart beat of our lives. Music therapy helps in recovering from diseases, depression and many other problems. There are numerous people who lives for making music and there are numerous who lives to listen to good music.

So, here’s the list of what people do who are extremely passionate about music:


  • 24×7 Music is on. I have seen people who listen to music, who think about music, who sing all day. Even they dream about music and such addiction for music comes from a great passion


  • MUS(IC)ING. You will often find people who gets lost in thoughts and when you ask them, they’ll say that they were thinking about a song composition. If you are one of “THEM” be sure that you are extremely passionate about music.


  • LIBRARY OF MUSIC. Just like bookworms love the smell of a new book and builds a library same thing happens for music lovers. You will find all kind of Music from Vintage records to modern CDs in their library.


  • Concerts over DJs. People who are truly passionate about music tend to prefer live concerts over DJs and they have news about all the concerts in the world.


  • We often see people singing song in a language not his/her mother tongue, not even official language because Music has no language, no barriers, no continents, it’s the emotion of the composer that transfers via music.


Do you have the any of habits mentioned above? Check your passion by VEDA she’ll help you to explore the wide range of Music.

Now let’s discuss how Music help us in daily life.

  • Music helps in rejuvenating on a tiresome day.
  • Music can cure depression.
  • Music brings more happiness in life.
  • Music helps in keeping the atmosphere of work, home calm.
  • Music brings people together.

So, if you are passionate about music spread it among others. This will help a lot of people who are in trouble.

Moving next I shall discuss about the career options in Music.

  • The most common one become a If you love to play an instrument (Guitar, Piano, Violin, Flute anything), master the art of playing the instrument and become a Musician.


  • If playing instrument is not just your talent, also composing new tunes are your area of expertise, you can become a We all love to listen to new music.



  • Some of us are blessed with a beautiful voice, some of us dazzle with unique texture of voice. A good music needs a complimentary voice. You can become a Who knows you might become the next SINGING STAR in the world.


  • Music is empty without words. If you have passion of music and you love to write, then you can become a We all love to cry and laugh along with songs don’t we?



  • If you are a PRO at organizing things and have good sense of logistics, then you can become a successful MUSIC PRODUCER. You can select the songs for an album. Coordinate with the musicians and singers. Needless to say you must have great communication skills for becoming a Music Producer.

If you are still confused about what to become in the field of Music, feel free to talk with VEDA she will help you out in focusing the particular area of Music in which you can excel and further help you in guiding.


A life without Music is a Body with Soul, so don’t worry we are here to help you in following your passion for Music.

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