Learn about all types of Routers Used in Networking

In the present era, networking has become the soul of every business, as it helps employees and employers to communicate and share resources. We can’t even imagine our life without blogs, chat, video conferencing, emails, and more, which are offered by networking (internet).

According to their size networks are divided into three categories i.e. LAN (Local Area Network), MAN( Metropolitan Area Network), and WAN (Wide Area Network). Out of them, LAN is used in corporate offices, dental clinics, hotels, schools, laboratories, etc.

The LAN is installed to connect the computer and other peripherals like printers in a small building. If you are a small business owner and planning to install LAN in your workplace then you can take the help of  Managed IT support services in Charlotte, NC. Their technicians are experts in installing both wired and wireless LAN that connect all the nodes of your office.

Every network is composed of computer devices, connecting cables ( telephone line, optical cable, etc), NIC, switch, modem, hub, and routers.

Router plays a vital role in a network by transmitting the data packets from one node to another.

Routers route traffic by reading the address of the destination in the packet’s head. The router can be wireless or wired.

Types of Routers Used in Networking -:

Following are the major types of routers that are used in networking -:

Broadband Routers -:     

The broadband routers are connected with the modem to provide internet access. The old broadband routers use an ethernet cable to connect devices to the internet. Usually, a broadband router has a maximum of 4 ports for connecting computers or other devices via cable. These routers are specifically designed to serve home networks.

In addition to making it possible for all electronic computers in the home to share an Internet connection, these routers also facilitate the sharing of files, printers, and other hardware and software resources between computers and other devices. There are various types and each router has its unique advantage.

Wireless Routers -:     

A wireless router is also known as wi-fi routers and is used in the home or small offices. It is connected with the broadband line and allows you to access the internet wirelessly. Besides this, it also comes with ethernet ports through which you can connect Television, desktop, and other peripherals to the internet.

Wireless routers take input in electric form and convert them into radio waves, which are then caught by the gadgets with wi-fi capability (phones, laptops, tablets, etc).

According to their data transfer speed, wi-fi routers are divided into the following 10 classes

AC 1900
AC 1750
AC 1600
AC 1300
AC 1200
AC 580
N 900
N 750
N 600

Some small and medium-sized offices and enterprises demand cloud services along with networking services because it decreases the cost of managing IT systems. Also, it allows users to access the same application via the internet. It is a great idea to contact  Cloud storage service providers in Charlotte, NC to store your confidential client data securely.

Edge Router 

It is placed on the edge of the network area, so it is known as an edge router. It is a special kind of routers that act as a gateway between wide area networks and the internet. Usually, large organizations install this for security reasons as they have multiple isolated locations. It is also very essential for those enterprises whose employees work remotely.

Core Router   

The function of the Core router is opposite to the function of the Edge router. This router sends the data packets between the computer host with a network but not between two different networks. It acts as a backbone of a LAN by managing the data traffic and congestion.

Conclusion -:

Routers act as dispatchers and traffic stops in the network. So, whether it’s about installing intra-network, LAN, MAN, or any other network, it is very vital to choose a router carefully by considering its ports and speed.

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