3 Best Alternative Of WhatsApp For Instant Messaging

3 Best Alternative Of WhatsApp For Instant Messaging

Instant messaging has changed our life as we all know. There are lots of different applications for instant messaging and WhatsApp is one of the leading or we can say king of instant messaging. 

Apart from WhatsApp, there are several applications or alternatives of WhatsApp that give amazing features. We can use all the apps easily, so let’s get started to know about all the applications.

3. JtwhatsApp

Jt whatsApp Apk is one of the splendid applications if we talk about sharing videos, images and chat with your friends and jtwhatsapp download gives you also lots of other features. So, let’s understand the features of jtwhatsapp apk.

Features Of Jt WhatsApp Apk

  1. If you want to share photos and HD quality videos without losing or compressing the actual quality then jtwhatsapp is for you. Becosule with the help of this application you can easily send the hd quality images and videos.
  2. If you love to set amazing and beautiful themes then it gives you dozens of different themes to set.
  3. You can download the status easily without installing any other 3rd party application
  4. With the help of this you can use many different types or stylish fonts. Apart from this you can use colorful fonts to amaze your friends.

2. Line

Line is one of the best instant messaging apps. You can register in the app with the help of a mobile number and start a chat with your contact. This app has more active users in Asia as compared to others. 

Latest Feature Of Line

  1. Line is available for all devices like ios, android, blackberry, macOS and window pcs.
  2. You can secure your chat with the help of a password system available in the app.
  3. If you want to see the deleted message then line app gives you a feature to see the deleted message.

   4. You can easily export all your chats easily.

1. Snapchat

Snapchat is also a very popular and best instant messaging application. This app is also popular for the snaps and online story. Did you know? Online story creation for 24 hours was first introduced by Snapchat after that feature was adopted by Instagram, WhatsApp.

Latest Feature Of Snapchat

1. If you love to take snaps then this application is for you. You can chat and share your snap.

2. Snapchat gives you lots of amazing features to take snaps with different types of filters and face filters.

3. You can connect with your friends and family with the help of video and audio calls.

4. It also gives you update for current news and trend

Final Words

All the applications are really amazing because of its feature. You can download all the apps and enjoy its features. I hope you liked the article and please visit again for this type of valuable content.


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