Improvising your uPVC home security door

Improvising your uPVC home security door

The modern technology design of the uPVC home security door has risen to be a popular alternative to expensive aluminum and hardwood timber among homeowners as it provides more benefits.

It makes the uPVC as the perfect material to be used for window frames especially, for its durability, energy-efficient, and affordable price.

As it lasts for more than 30 years, it also requires little maintenance hence. Here, homeowners can save their penny on maintenance fees. Other than that, it is good to know too, that uPVC home security doors are pretty secure and can be counted for your home security.

Usually, you can count on composite doors for the highest level of security but worry not, uPVC doors are extremely secure too. The strong structural frame combined with glass-reinforced plastic, provide infallible protection against intruders.

If the door is intruded and broken, the laminated glass will not easily fall out as it will stay in place although shattered. Meanwhile, to be compared with wooden doors, uPVC doors are three times more effective at maintaining cooler temperatures within your residence. In addition, uPVC doors are termite resistant as they hardly rust or dent either. For wooden doors, they do not rust but are easily affected by termites and bugs too.

As there may be disadvantages of choosing materials for your security door, there are several ways that you can try and make your uPVC door become even safer in preventing potential invaders from breaking into your residence.

  1. The more locking points (multi-point locks) a door has, the higher the security can be guaranteed actually. Some locks are easily forced open which won’t be hard for people to guess how to break in through the door.

You can enhance the security of your house with multi-point locks. The crucial part is a long strip on the edge of the door that secures the door to the frame at several points.

Here, you just saved your penny as it is cost-effective and you have also upgraded your security better with the multi-point locks. It is impossible to unlock a door if it is locked with multi-point locks in six different places.

  1. One of the best ways to strengthen a french door if you have one at home is by installing a padlock. If you notice, french doors are quite weak and often can be assumed as an easy target for burglars to break in compared to single-leaf doors.

Patlock is usually used to enhance the level of security for French doors. No key, screws, and drilling are needed to install the padlock. It serves as a secondary lock and visual deterrent.

  1. For those who are always concerned with the robbery that takes place even when you are at home at night, you can use a door barricade. 

It acts as a barricade that you will have to screw down to the floor. It is helping to boost the security of your single leaf doors and French doors as well. 

You can also opt for a removable bar too, as it can be adjusted and works with both hinged and sliding doors. Easy to be used and removed at any time you want.


  1. It is important to ensure your uPVC door is fitted with a lock that can’t be snapped. Change the cylinder lock with a secure one to make it harder for intruders to break into your house. It will take a while for them to sneak in. If you are using a cheap standard lock barrel, it will definitely be snapped by burglars in just a few seconds. This is because they just have to pull the cylinder out and open the door.


  1. If you add a door chain, it can be useful to boost the level of security for your house. However, it can be installed alone as it won’t be able to withstand full force kicks by burglars. It should not be considered the first thing first to think of when you want to improve your uPVC door security.

But then, you can opt for a heavy-duty strike plate lock for a more secure alternative compared to a door chain. It has much greater strength to withstand more than 50 full force kicks.

Note that it is very important to improve your home security as you might not know when the potential burglars are going to break into your house. Just be prepared at all times. It is time to take control of your house. It’s something that’s truly well worth the contributed time and money. Better to be safe than to be sorry. It’s something that’s really well worth the invested time and money.

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