Important Facts That You Must Learn About STD Tests

Important Facts That You Must Learn About STD Tests

Many of us don’t even bother to get tested before it becomes too late. Why? In fact, anyone who is sexually active must get STD tested. It is not only favorable for you but also for the safety of your sexual partner.

Even when you are not having any STD symptoms, people must get involved in STD testing Montreal or any other location where they are from. As a matter of fact, most of the time a person with STD may not show any signs and symptoms. And the only way one can know is by getting tested.

Now we understand the inhibition one must have toward getting tested but for the sake of your sexual health and your partner, you must definitely get tested. Below we have listed down some facts about STD tests that would help you to make up your mind for getting tested.

  1.   The days of urethra swabs are long gone

Earlier for some STD tests, the use of a cotton swab in the urethra was pretty common. That is the stick of cotton swab was inserted in men’s urethra. Now, many men found the procedure scary and uneasy.

However, that’s not how things work in today’s day. STD testing that involved urethra swab testing methods replaced it with simple and easy urine-based tests. There is no poking or prodding involved when it comes to STD tests.

So, calm yourself down and go for your test without being scared of the testing method.

  1.   There’s no preparation required before getting tested

As soon as we think about tests, we think about some sort of preparation. Like avoiding food or having plenty of fluids before the test. But for STD tests or screening, you don’t need to prepare for anything.

However, there’s one thing that you must keep in mind is that in the case of urine-based tests an individual needs to avoid peeing for at least 2 hours. Holding your pee leads to deposits that may have DNA of STD organisms.

If you pee right before or too close to the test then you are clearing up the urethra from that build-up DNA. Your test wouldn’t be successful if you don’t follow this guideline.

  1.   Results from STD tests are pretty rapid

You don’t have to wait days in agony to know about your STD results. STD tests or screening results are pretty rapid. At most, an individual can know about their results within 48 hours.

By logging in to a secure website or calling up you will be informed with your results. If you took your test at your private physician’s clinic, they would probably call you up with the test results.


STD testing Montreal or in any other location needs to be taken by people who are sexually active. There is no easier way to put this fact out. Book your appointment with your private physician and visit your nearest STD screening center to get tested and lead a happy healthy life.

Brij Bhushan Singh

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