How to Wear Mens Loungewear the Cool Way?

How to Wear Mens Loungewear the Cool Way?

Today, fashion has never been more creative and freer. Aside from wearing sportswear when running daily errands, there’s another style craze that is slowly becoming popular – loungewear. Before, people simply wear their home clothes when lounging around on a lazy weekend. But nowadays, loungewear is becoming more and more stylish than ever you can even wear them outside the house with the right styling. Here are some cool ways in wearing men’s loungewear for a more stylish look.


One of the most popular loungewear for men is the sweatshirt and sweatpants combo. They look and feel comfortable yet still presentable enough to be worn outside the house. If you’re choosing sweatpants go for comfortable fabrics like loop back cotton because of its soft and breathable feel. However, you may want to go for luxurious fabrics like silk or cashmere if you want to add a classy touch to your loungewear. Cotton blend with these luxurious fabrics make it more durable and safer to wash in a machine.

Track Pants

Track pants rank next to sweatpants in the stylish men’s loungewear criteria. This type of loungewear is more versatile than others because of its drawstring feature on the waist which can fit a wide range of sizes. Choose well fitted ones with ribbed ankle cuffs for a slimmer and smoother silhouette. Don’t forget to pick those with zipped pockets to keep your stuff from falling out when you’re lounging around.


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To look more stylish and cooler, wear sweaters that are not lose or baggy. Just pick the right size that allows you to still move freely but has a slim fit. If you’re wearing plain sweatpants, add some style in your outfit by going for printed or patterned sweater. If you prefer more of a minimalist style, go for neutral colours instead such as navy blue, brown, black or grey.


Although you can’t wear pyjamas when going to the grocery store, it is still one of the most comfortable mens sleepwear you could wear at home or around your yard. Men look great in pyjamas that are coordinating and in plain colours or classic patterns like stripes or plaid. However, newer styles are more creative when it comes to prints – from pastels, animal prints, and more. When choosing pyjamas, look for light fabrics that have a relaxed fit for full comfort while sleeping.

Basic Tees

Simple shirts look great when worn with track pants or sweatpants. For a more relaxed look, go for collarless design with a standard or slim fit. Make it look like a simple loungewear by opting for plain coloured rather than printed or patterned ones. However, you may add some style in your plain outfit by wearing colour block shirts with plain bottoms.

Loungewear and sleepwear don’t need to look plain and boring anymore. There is plenty of stylish loungewear nowadays that are just too cool to skip out. Try out these cool and fashionable loungewear pieces and look like the king of your home.

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