How to Stop Yourself from Snoring

How to Stop Yourself from Snoring

Snoring is a condition that affects thousands of people all over the world. For the most part we don’t even worry about it. When some people are tired and go to sleep, they snore. That’s it, right? However, if the snoring is extremely loud and the person also shows signs of exhaustion throughout the day, it might be a symptom of something bigger – a condition known as sleep apnea. It is a common enough disorder that can be treated, but it can be a serious condition if you don’t get it looked at and treated as soon as you can. With apnea, breathing starts and stops at irregular intervals throughout the night, which means that it is easy for you to choke in your sleep.

Never Ignore Your Symptoms

Before you put on your snoring chin straps every night, make sure that you aren’t ignoring what could be a fatal condition. Go see a doctor about your snoring, especially if you suspect that you are showing the symptoms of apnea as well. Take a look at the warnings, and figure out how you can identify it from the many other disorders out there. The signs of an episode are that the airflow to your lungs stops during sleep. This lowers the amount of oxygen in the blood. The brain tries to wake you up enough to breathe again, causing a little gasp or the sound of choking. A lot of apnea patients don’t even know that they are doing this throughout the night, as the subconscious handles most of the work.

How to Identify Sleep Apnea

This is one of the more serious medical conditions associated with snoring. This is when your throat tissues partially or completely block your throat. This does more than make it difficult for you to breathe, it actually stops you from breathing entirely. This is preceded by bouts of loud snoring that comes to a halt when you stop breathing. This reduced breathing often causes sufferers to awake with a start. This can continue throughout the night.



There are other causes as well but these are usually the predictors of frequent snoring. Try to figure out what is causing your snoring and you will then find a way to diminish it.

Aftereffects of sleeping with apnea include feeling lethargic and sleepy throughout the day. You will also exhibit a slower reflexes as well as bad concentration skills. The condition can cause some pretty severe health problems as well if it isn’t treated. This is because you are not getting the rest you need to stay healthy and have all your organs functioning as intended. This can cause diabetes, blood pressure issues, strokes and rapid weight gain. The good news is that the condition is very treatable, allowing you to stay in control of the disorder, start sleeping well again and be a healthier person.

There are different types of apnea that can affect you. The most common type is called obstructive apnea. In this, the tissues in your throat relax way too far while you sleep, leading to them sagging and blocking off your trachea, which causes loud snoring and gasping. This is made worse in back sleepers because gravity works against them. Central apnea is much rarer, and means that the brain forgets or fails to tell your muscles to go through the motions of breathing. This type of apnea has no snoring. The last type is called complex sleep apnea, and is a hybrid of the other two.

You can stop yourself from snoring by using a variety of methods. The real thing you need to watch out for are the signs that your snoring might very well be a symptom of something far more serious.

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