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If you had been active in your life before the lockdown, you must be missing all your activities such as running, cycling, and gym routine. And this phase of lockdown and staying inside the house, isolated from the other people, must be killed if you are not keeping up with your workout routines.

The governments are still not allowing a lot of people to hit the gyms which is why it is more important to stay active and alive. But what strategies can you follow in order to stay active during the lockdown?

Not sure? Want to know what to do? Well, here we are with our great tips like a home gym, social media access, and dance classes Sydney kind of tips. Wondering how? Let us tell you all about it.

  1. Social media

When you are at home and missing your gym, you can hit the gym all the way from home just by scrolling the social media websites and search for the videos that give you the shortest yet most calorie burning workout routines. These days, you can find the gym starts and your favorite celebrity videos, all working out form their homes and staying fit and active.


  1. Household jobs

Now that you are spending more time at home, you would find more spots that need thorough cleaning inside the house and you can kill two birds with one stone when you are doing these jobs. For example, when you are doing the cleaning, you are killing calories while your house starts sparkling, making a bed in the garden and burning fat along that, doing laundry, and killing as many calories as a 5-mile run would. So enjoy your work, make your household better, and get smarter.


  1. Get more apps for fitness

With so many applications being introduced each day for the smart devices, you can make use of these to stay active and alert in the lockdown season. These apps are capable of letting you burn more and more calories and stay more fit by constantly reminding you about doing workouts, eating healthy, and staying active.


  1. Get equipped

Getting the gym equipment at home can also be very helpful for you because you can order the stuff online, get it at home and try it to burn more calories. You can order and treadmill to run on it, starting with lighter walks, you can switch on to brisk walk and then running to become a pro. You can also add virtual running apps to your device, put it in front of you, and start running.


  1. Online dance classes

The dance is one of the most effective ways of burning fats and having fun, at the same time adding a skill to your profile too. So you could get enrolled in any of the dance classes Sydney and enjoy it for hours without knowing. So you see, there is so much that you can do to stay active from home.

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