How to Shape Your Mindset To Change?

How to Shape Your Mindset To Change?

Why some of them have very little content, others understand the misunderstanding of their situation, but they do not show up in any way except for complaints and those they do not try to do anything. And yet others – they accept it and change something in life by considering the decision. Is it due to will and character? Human discipline and complaint? The scope of his dreams? Is this a clear goal?

Five or six years ago, the girl said she wanted to lose weight and offered to start exercising. He thought but still refused. How surprised I was when I suddenly wrote and asked for my program! After many years !!! He said he read my blog like a book for a few months but still wanted more. It’s ready! And he really did all the examples as examples and changed a lot in a few months! And both externally and internally! I think I will show her a photo soon.

Do you know what I understand? I think I found the starting point! This point of “do not go back” when a person changes once and for all becomes an acceptance of responsibility for all living things. For example, if you do not know what Kush is and you just accept it blindly, everything that happens to him is your responsibility. You are now fully responsible for everything you have. Either you deserve it or you charge it. Neither your parents nor your other half, teachers or friends, under any circumstances. Only you.

Don’t have a dream character? Accept that birth, genetics as well as children/home/work do not result in a lack of time. There is a place inside you for a reason. Everyone has their own, immerse yourself, find and get to know. This time is not enough – you are messy! Not children who intervene – you are creative and lazy! This is not bad genetics – only everyone in your family has the wrong diet and you will not break your habits!

Are you not happy with your relationship with your husband? Okay, what’s the reason? By the way, you chose it yourself. Did you look bad? Instead, you could not make a person happy and you were not happy with yourself.
Do not have money? This means you can not offer people anything useful, interesting, important! Just make the most out of your time

And now that you are alone with this fact, realizing and accepting that you will no longer be able to live as before, you can not hide behind excuses that everything falls from the “sky” on others, and problems and relationships hinder you. Then you will feel an urgent need to change everything!

This post may not be as positive as my other posts. However, this is only at first glance! What confirms more life than the feeling that you can write your story the way you want? The only thing that has not yet been exposed to us is probably a serious illness. So take care of yourself and your loved ones, and be healthy!

Harry Miller

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