How To Remove And Replace Ceramic Tiles?

How To Remove And Replace Ceramic Tiles?

It true that you need to install and uninstall the tiles on the floor and walls with great care and consideration. For this, there is a need to focus on the material and colour selection of tiles appropriately. So, you can match the colour and texture of the floor accordingly home’s décor. Tile removal is necessary due to numbers of reasons such as you want to remove the old and damaged tiles.

On the other hand, you can go for it to change and refresh the look of the floor at living place or area. However, you need to remove the tiles with great care and the help of the right or professional tools. because tile removal is a daunting task and you can’t do it manually especially for the large areas.

That’s why there is always a risk of floor and walls damaging if you are not doing it with care. On the other hand, you need to remove all the tiles professionally for the better and smooth installation of new tiles.

that’s why it’s better to remove the old tiles without damaging and breaking. Furthermore, you have to spend more time and money if you break the tiles while removing tiles. It will also damage the floor surface. For this, we will provide you with effective tips and techniques to remove all the tiles without any damage to the floor or wall’s surface.

Remove Grout Firstly:

as we know, grout is a porous material and exists between the joint lines and corners of tiles and floor for better protection. So, while tile removal process, you need to deal with grout firstly to strip out all the tiles with minimum effort.

If you don’t want to remove it manually then you can also get help through electric scrapper. But handle it carefully. Otherwise, tiles will break and crack while removing the grout with scrapper. This professional tool will help to strip out the grout easily and efficiently as compared to manual processing.

Don’t crack the tiles while removing:

Once you have done with grout between the tiles. Now, it’s time to remove the tiles carefully manually or with the help of a scrapper. However, you need to use these tools with great care. Otherwise, tiles will be cracked and break.

For this, it’s better to start the tile stripping from a small and easy area. After this, tap on that area with the help of a blade or scraper to remove it. Through this, it will be easier to remove other tiles. On the other hand, you can also use the masking tape to cover the stripped-out tiles.

It will help to prevent the vibration as well as minimize the risk of the tile’s breaking. Apart from this, if you can’t strip out the tiles Melbourne then you can also get the professional services for the large and commercial areas.

Remove The Tiles Appropriately:

No doubt, stripping of tiles is a daunting task and requires a lot of effort. But you need to do it with all the safety considerations for the better results. On the other hand, it’s necessary to remove the tiles carefully to restore the beauty of the floor after installing the new tiles.

But if you start from the right and easiest point then it’ll be easier to remove other tiles comparatively. For this, you need to do work in order accordingly direction of the floor and wall tiles Melbourne. It will help to protect the tiles as well as the surface from breaking.


For this, choose an appropriate blade and knife accordingly the size and direction of tiles. You need to put this tool under the right edge of the tiles during tile removal. Repeat the same process to uninstall or strip out all the tiles.

After removing the tiles from the surface, you need to pull out the tiles carefully. So, you can also do the tile stripping for all the tiles in the same pattern and direction. You need to remove all the residue and debris on the surface or floor carefully after the completion of the stripping process.

So, you can get a smooth and clean surface or area to install the new tiles efficiently. Hopefully, these guidelines will help to remove all the tiles in a better way even without breaking the tiles. However, if you still don’t know how to do all these steps and processes then it’s better to get the professional help through a company.

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