How to Do Proper ASO for Google Play

How to Do Proper ASO for Google Play

If you already have any apps published on Google Play or just thinking about building an app with what you want to run a successful online business. You should have a few knowledge at least about ASO (App Store Optimization). Otherwise, all your effort could be a waste! It sounds horrible but it’s true. Unless you don’t know what to do, you shouldn’t step ahead. So, here on this post, we’ve discussed how to do proper ASO for Google Play. And, when you really want to go with the app business, this could be helpful for you.

So, let’s dive into the discussion.

What is ASO

ASO is pretty much similar to SEO where ASO is the process to improve the visibility of an app in an app store and SEO is the process to improve the visibility of the contents of a website on search engines. That’s it in short. Now let’s go for the guide to do proper ASO.

Use a Great Title

The first and most important thing is the app title. Choosing a unique, brandable, short, and catchy name is the best practice. But don’t forget to add your main focus keyword in it. Simply write down a few names then choose the one that looks and sounds great. You can take help of any online tool to generate some cool names, is a nice one.

Design an eye-catching Icon

After the title, it comes to the app icon. A great looking interesting icon helps to get a better conversion rate than usual. So, try to design an eye-catching icon for your app. You can do it by yourself using photoshop or other image editing or icon maker tools. But if you feel uncomfortable, simply hire any professional logo & icon designer to design the icon.

Take Advantage of URL/Package Name/Developer Name

The URL, package name, and the developer name are also important when it comes to doing proper ASO. If you don’t take care of these before uploading your app on Google Play, you can’t change later. Putting your app name or similar to that along with the main keyword in the URL, package name, and developer name, you’ll be able to give your app a better chance to grow fast.

Use Keywords Wisely

Choosing and using keywords could be crucial sometimes if you don’t do that wisely. Do some research to find out some long-tail low competitive keywords, but don’t forget the main keyword. The main keyword could be competitive, that’s not a problem. By using other low competitive keywords the problem will be solved.

Describe Your App well in the Description

There are two types of descriptions on Google Play, short and long. The short description is an 80 characters field that shown to the users in the listing and can be expanded to see the full description. So make the short description interesting focusing the main feature of the app along with the main keyword and other long-tail keywords. But don’t do keyword stuffing! On the other hand, the long description is a 4000 characters field to describe each and everything of your app including the purpose of the app, features, and benefits. Try a few paras, rich snippets, and emojis to make it look catchy, reader-friendly, and interesting. You can also include the social profile link of the app in it so users can connect easily.

Use High-Quality Interesting Screenshots

People take a look at the screenshots first before going to read the full description. Try to design the screenshots colorful, exciting, and informative so they can draw the visitor’s eye and express how the app is used.

Add a Quick Demo Video

Using a demo video is another interesting idea. Simply make a short video highlighting the objective, features, and benefits. Try putting written words in the video because most of the time people watch the video keeping mute.

Pick the Right Category

Choosing the right category is also important. Try to choose the category where your app will have less competition so the app gets a better chance to reach the top of the charts fast. However, the app could be suitable for more than one category, that’s okay. Just pick them too but choose the low competitive one as primary.

Encourage Positive Reviews

Once you will optimize the above points correctly, this means, most of the ASO is done. A few things left only. Getting positive ratings and reviews for your app is one of them. You can do that in different ways as, you can directly talk with people, tell them to use your app, and leave feedback. As well as, you can do social media promotion, paid app advertising, reaching out to the app review websites’ owners to review your app, online forums & communities, and much more.

Analyze Your App Stats

Now it’s time to analyze. Check your app stats and growth regularly so you can understand which optimization is working and which not. If you see things are not getting good after a few weeks, think differently, try changing the title, keywords, etc. Just try something new again and again until it gets good.

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