How to clean the mattress using Expert Tricks

How to clean the mattress using Expert Tricks

Did you ever think whether the mattress in your use is clean or not? Well, if it is not, call mattress steam cleaning experts and ask them to provide you mattress steam cleaning because your health depends on the mattress on which you sleep. We are going to share some tips if you are looking for professional Mattress cleaning at your home. It is also important to ensure that the mattress sheets are regularly cleaned. Mattress tends to build up odors, stains, and dust mites which need to be cleaned if you want a sound sleep

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Keep mattress dry

If moisture is added to your mattress, it invites the growth of mold, therefore it is important to keep your mattress and dry it if instantly if they are any sort of spillage on it. Give mattress the due time after cleaning as well for drying because if they are not dried, and you start using them for the bedding, it would invite molds and other bacteria and needs cleaning again.


Most people think that vacuuming is for carpets only, but mattress steam cleaning also involves vacuuming. You should vacuum your mattress once in a week, and effective vacuuming can remove, dust mites, accumulated dust, and dirt, dead cells of skin and hairs from the mattress.

Use a protector 

You also need a mattress protector but don’t think that the use of the mattress protector means that it does not clean; you still need to clean your mattress regularly; some of the dust particles may pass through these protectors. However, these mattress protectors can help in protecting the mattress from stains and spills.

Air the mattress

If you want to prevent mold growth from the mattress, air the mattress once in a month. You should place the mattress out in the open when the sun is out. Sunlight would help in removing smells from the mattress.

Flip the mattress

Flipping mattresses regularly helps in cleaning it. You should regularly rotate the mattress to ensure that you are not sleeping on the same side of the mattress. A flipping mattress would keep it even, and you get rid of the dust trapped in the mattress.

Mattress covers

Mattress covers should be cleaned regularly, and they also help in keeping the mattress clean. Even if you are not using covers, you can use an extra bed sheet for covering the mattress unless you buy a cover for your mattress. These mattress covers are affordable for everyone.

Regularly deodorize the mattress

If you are sharing your bed with your partner, the mattress becomes smelly at times, especially during extremely hot weather due to the sweat. However, you can keep your mattress fresh by deodorizing it regularly. Home remedy for deodorizing the mattress is to use soda of bicarbonate and wash away the smells of the mattress. The mixture is easy to make at home, and you need a cup of soda, spray it on the mattress, leave it on the mattress for half an hour and then vacuum it using attachments.

Mattress stains 

Stains on the mattress are also common because kids often drop foods or spill liquids on the mattress. These foods, at times, create stains that are hard to remove. You should clean the stains instantly because if they soak into the mattress, they are hard to remove. You can blot the stain for cleaning it; avoid warm water when cleaning the stains. If you are trying to clean the stains in rotating machines, it would further soak into the mattress, pat stains gently, and remove them.

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However, remember if the stains are hard to remove, get help from mattress steam cleaning for effectively cleaning them.


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