How to choose a WordPress theme and how to use it

How to choose a WordPress theme and how to use it

In WordPress, the overall look (design) of your blog is determined by the theme you choose. At the point when you initially introduce WordPress, your self-facilitated site utilizes a default base topic that comes prepackaged with WordPress. The vast majority need to modify their plan to make it their own.

In this article, I’ll share how to choose a wordpress theme, which theme I’m using, and tips to help you choose one for your own blog or website.

The WordPress theme I use

My theme is Astra. I am using the free version. You can move up to get more customization choices. I would prescribe it to most learners. Keep it simple at the start. Read the information below on child themes. You can add your own youngster subject to Astra however generally the customizations accessible through the WordPress customizer will be adequate from the start.

Currently I have been using Genesis (built by StudioPress) and the child theme I am using has been a custom version of Parallax Pro for many years.

But let me be honest. I am addicted to themes and tend to change my mind regularly. Some time ago I bought all the Genesis themes so that I could use them forever.

Reasons I Use and Recommend Genesis

Genesis is one of the best known and trusted WordPress theme companies in the world. They have every interest in satisfying their customers. Not just that, they have constructed a solid item. Here are the reasons I utilize and suggest Genesis.

Big choice

There are many Genesis child themes to choose from and they are continually adding more. You can purchase the child themes individually or you can purchase the Pro Plus All-Theme package which gives you access to all Genesis child themes (excluding third-party themes) at a huge discount.

Tip: If you buy an individual theme, you will pay for the Genesis theme frame and the chosen child theme together. If you decide to buy another child theme later, you don’t need to buy the Genesis theme frame again, just the new child theme.

Mobile reagent

As I mentioned in my blog design dos and don’ts list, mobile responsiveness is imperative. Genesis has plenty of mobile responsive kids themes.

Most of the themes available are designed with mobile responsiveness in mind, but it’s always a good idea to make sure.


Another great benefit of a paid theme is the support. Genesis has a great support forum and help desk (you will be given login information after the purchase process is complete) if you need it.

Especially when you’re a new blogger, being able to ask questions and get help is a huge plus.

Beginning is based on a 2-section system (kid topics)

A good theme consists of a two-part system with two layers: the main “parent” theme below and the “child” theme above.

The “parent” theme provides the functionality of the site, and the “child” theme allows for customization of the design without touching (and potentially messing up) the frame, or “parent,” below.

If you’re not using a child theme, not only do you run the risk of messing up the functionality every time you change your design, but you’ll also have to redo your design customizations with every update or upgrade.

What is a WordPress child theme?

The concept of child themes is confusing to many. Here is a relationship that I expectation will support you.

Imagine you wanted to paint a beautiful piece of art to display in your living room. You have two choices. You can paint directly on the wall or paint on a canvas.

However, if you are painting on a canvas, an error would only require a new canvas, not a new wall. Second, if you are moving, you can just take the canvas with you and put it back on your new wall.

With a kid subject, there is less jumble and you won’t need to “repaint” (that is, re-try your customizations) when refreshing your topic. (And plan to upgrade as there are new updates for WordPress all the time.)

I suggest utilizing a youngster subject, however not all topics accompany a kid topic. Default WordPress themes, for example, are not, but you can create your own.

What are the best free WordPress themes?

At the point when I originally began blogging I had for all intents and purposes no spending plan so I utilized free WordPress topics for a long time.

If you have similar budget constraints, or if you’re not sure if you’ll stick to blogging long enough to justify purchasing a theme, here are my recommendations for free themes:

Astra:  It has an upgrade option, but you can do a bit of customization with the free option.

Generate Press: This theme has great reviews in the WordPress theme directory, which is always a good sign. What’s more, as of this composition, it’s refreshed routinely – another extraordinary sign. The great thing about this theme is that it offers child themes as well.

Default WordPress Themes:  These come prepackaged with your WordPress installation. Every year a new one is released and named accordingly. They’re coded by, so they’re usually safe bets.

If you can, choose the most recent theme available as it’s usually written with the most recent standards, but whichever one you choose (you might prefer the look from the previous year more), be sure to you always keep it up to date. Warnings to refresh your topic will show up in your WordPress dashboard when accessible.

Note that these WordPress topics don’t accompany youngster subjects. Like I said, I always recommend using a child theme if you are going to make any significant changes or adjustments to your design. The good news is that you can make your own child theme if you want. This scares some people because it requires coding, but it’s actually not that hard to do.



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