How to Check & Correct Your Posture?

How to Check & Correct Your Posture?

If a person’s eyes are often called a “window to the soul,” then posture can be called the lens of our health. Sit and stand with the correct posture and you will feel 10 years younger and ten pounds lighter. On the psychological side, good posture is often associated with confidence, leadership, and poise. So how to check your posture, read below.

1. To begin with, stand in front of a full-length mirror and examine yourself from the front and sides. Ask your friend for her opinion – she may notice points that you missed.

2. Then stand 5 centimeters from the wall, with your back to it, with your feet hip-width apart. Lean back until you are pressed against the wall, and mark which parts of your body you touched it first.

If the buttocks and shoulders were the first and at the same time to reach the wall, then you are standing correctly. If one side of your body touches the wall earlier than the other, then you have no central balance. If the buttocks were the first, then your pelvis protrudes. If the shoulders were first, then your back is too tense, and the pelvis is too far forward. If you touched your back first, then you slouch and hunch your shoulders.

It may be helpful to pin a strip of paper divided into large squares to the wall before starting the test (graph paper used by tailors is fine here). Then your friend can mark the position of your shoulders, hips, and other parts of the body on it, and you can easily find out if they are at the same level. It’s also important that while you workout you take up a hockey stick tape for better grip on equipment so you can have a good workout session which would improve your posture. In the same way, you can check yourself from the sides.

Correct posture

Correct posture means that you are standing straight and at the same time relaxed as if you are supported by an invisible vertical string that passes through the back of the head, along the neck, between the shoulder blades and hips, and then goes through the knees to the floor.

If you have good posture, then your head is tilted up and slightly forward, your shoulders are straight, relaxed, and slightly laid back, and your arms hang freely so that your palms protrude slightly beyond your hips. Your chest is straightened and your stomach is drawn in, your hips are at the same level, the muscles of your buttocks are also relaxed. Your knees are slightly bent, and your weight is proportionally distributed over the entire surface of your feet. Your body is not bent to either side.

Incorrect posture

Here are examples of the most common posture mistakes.
1. Head tilts forward, not straight.
2. The shoulders are tense and rounded instead of being relaxed and laid back.
3. The shoulder blades protrude outward, protruding like wings, instead of being flat.
4. The chest is sunken, and the back is bent, while the chest should be directed forward and the back should be kept straight.
5. The pelvis is displaced, and not in line with the whole body.
6. The head is tilted to the side rather than held straight.
7. Shoulders at different levels, which causes the back to bend sideways, rather than staying straight.
8. The pelvis protrudes laterally, which is why the hips are at different levels, and not at the same level.
9. The weight falls on one leg and foot, not equally between the two legs.


In case of revealing any deviations in the area of ​​posture, you should contact a qualified specialist without delay. He will give you the necessary advice on prevention, as well as help you draw up a line of your behavior to correct and treat poor posture.

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