How to Break Into a Career in HR

How to Break Into a Career in HR

A large chunk of people is eager to break into hr as a career choice. As it’s a fast-growing field of the profession with extensive opportunities for hr generalist, managers, and administrators, there exists a hyper-competitive environment surrounding the mentioned job roles. 

As per various career analysts, the number of hr jobs is going to increase rapidly in the nearby future, given the existing dearth. Besides, hr professionals earn way more than the national average salary in the U.S., for careers in the other fields of profession. Consider all the above-discussed points, hr careers make for a  world-class reputation in the corporate world’s hierarchical structure, especially for individuals starting out on their career journey. 

Find below the factors and elements that make for a rewarding career in hr. 

Beaking into HR: The Prerequisites 

Preparing for an HR Career

Possessing soft skills, added with great interpersonal skills, are not the only requirements to become qualified and competent hr personnel. Nor even the love for people, the only criterion to become a successful hr person. However, these skills do help, but there is needed much more than just having a few traditional skills in your armory. Hr professionals need to fair well on a variety of concerned job aspects while being interviewed at a reputable organization for a professional job role. And, amid the growing competition for hr job roles globally, employers are expecting more than average, in terms of skillset. 

The Basic Skill Needs to Acquire an HR Job Role

As a prospective hr professional, you need to be apt at related skills such as organizational development, employee development, motivating ability, employee retention capabilities, and an ability to maintain a positive and healthy work environment. These are very few basic skills that recruiters look for in a fresher candidate for entry-level job roles. However, these days, more often than not, you are judged on your hr tech skills for any kind of an hr job role.

Familiarity with working on AI-powered hr job tools has become a mandate in the current times to bag an hr job role or to get promoted at work in an hr job position. Especially, since the advent of new-age hr tech, comprising AI & automation, a certification or two, in hr tech, is highly appreciated, being mentioned on your resume.

Job Prospects and the Salaries of HR Managers  

Hr professionals salary, basis of the work experience in the U.S.


At the starting of your career(1-4 yrs) in the hr job profile in the U.S., you earn an average compensation of $50,771 in the U.S., as per Payscale. As you gain experience(5-9 yrs) in the said job role, the median total salary rises to USD 71,450. With more experience under your belt(10-19 years), the compensation further rises to a whopping $74,032. And, in the senior-most roles(20 yrs & above) as an hr manager, you get to earn a median salary of $65k, or above.

Transitioning Into an HR Career

People come from widely diverse educational & professional backgrounds into HR. While some enter the said industry domain by luck or by design, they stay in their roles because of the love for the talked-about job profile. One can actually transition from almost any professional or educational background, into HR, given his love for people, and a robust skill set in people skills and hr tech. 

Degrees & Certifications Play a Pivotal Role 

In the field of hr, college degrees (undergraduate & graduate) play a vital role in helping you climb the career ladder. In fact, the top job positions in hr in the hierarchy, are mostly taken by post-graduate degree holders. If you possess a professional certification in hr, it’s a definite advantage, and you will receive a distinct competitive advantage over others in the long-term.

And that’s why, it’s highly advisable to hold a master’s degree in hr, or, alternatively, a plethora of industry-relevant certifications in the said subject discipline. The job markets are intensely competitive and believe us, you need something extra to stand out, in terms of skills, and personality traits to outdo the competition. Enrolling in an hr certification online can prove to be a highly beneficial option, as it takes lesser time to obtain, and is cost-effective at the same time.

Many wishes for your future endeavors.


Niti Sharma

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