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M Rok is a popular Editor who has been writing online for over 10 years. He has a loyal following of readers who enjoy his...

How To Apply Treadmill Belt Lubricant?

Editor at - Cialishuk

M Rok is a popular Editor who has been writing online for over 10 years. He has a loyal following of readers who enjoy his...

Editor at - Cialishuk

M Rok is a popular Editor who has been writing online for over 10 years. He has a loyal following of readers who enjoy his...

If you have your treadmill at home but do not know how it is supposed to be maintained and also can’t afford the high maintenance costs, it comes with, and then we can help you.

It must be difficult whenever you have to call someone from the store to help fix any treadmill problems, and it could cause a big dent in your wallet.

One of the common problems you face with your treadmill equipment is when it stops working smoothly. This is when you need to know how to apply a treadmill lubricant yourself to call over maintenance workers every time.

Steps to Applying Treadmill Belt Lubricant

Knowing how to take care of your treadmill equipment will be beneficial for you to avoid extra costs and to have to wait for maintenance workers to come by when they have time.

Since the machine is in your own house, you are available for it the most. You can now learn how to apply lubricant on your treadmill all by yourself by following the steps below:

Step 1: Buy the Right Kind Of Lubricant

There are many kinds of lubricants and brands to choose from that are meant for treadmills. The most available one that is also suitable for all types of treadmills is the silicone-based lubricant.

You can find it at a pretty low or affordable price too. The silicone lubricant is so vastly used and made that it isn’t even necessary for you to buy a branded one. You can find generic ones that will still help fix your treadmill with the same efficiency.

Another reason you should go for silicone-based lubricants is that the solution is very slippery or slimy, and it does not react with any materials or lump up inside the machine. The silicone lubricant is found in both liquid and spray forms. You can choose whichever you feel comfortable using.

The other types of lubricants you can find are the Teflon and paraffin lubricants, which are usually recommended for particular kinds of treadmills by the manufacturers themselves.

Step 2: Tools You Will Need

You need to grab a screwdriver and Allen key so that you can take off the roller. To spread the lubricant, you should have one of those lube kits to spread the lubricant evenly. However, that kit is not necessary to have as long as you are careful with your techniques.

Some treadmills are so user friendly that they have a system where you can clip off the rollers with ease without needing such tools. So, depending on the kind of treadmill you have, you can choose your tools that way.

Step 3: Setting Up

You need to first disconnect the treadmill from its power source, which is usually just the electrical outlet on your wall. If the machine is cramped up in an area, it is best to move it over to a more open and spacious spot in that room, or you can just move other things away from the treadmill.

Moreover, you should also wipe your entire machine all over so that you don’t feel bothered to touch it, and dirt does not get in the way of your lubricating. You can also use gloves if you would like. Once your area is spacious enough, you can finally set your tools and lubricants on the floor and get down to business.

Step 4: Disassembling

Take your screwdriver and unscrew the parts to loosen the rollers. Doing this will make it easy for you to expose the treadmill deck, which is the smooth and clean part right under the treadmill belt. You need to separate the deck and belt to see the treadmill’s other side before you do any sort of lubricating.

Step 5: Lubrication

Your lubricant bottle should have the shape of a thin nozzle on top so that you can fit it in between crevices and squeeze out the lubricant. Slide the tube part to the center of the deck. While squeezing out the lube, you need to move your hand to the edges of the treadmill belt. Do the same to all the edges.

Furthermore, you also need to be aware of how much lubricant to use on the treadmill belt.

Generally, one-eighth of the lubricant bottle or half an ounce should be enough to keep your treadmill running fine for a whole month. But in case you buy a new treadmill belt, you should apply about 2 ounces of lube on the belt.

After you are done, you can now assemble everything back in place. Plug the treadmill back in for power and turn it on. Let the treadmill belt run for a few minutes on its own so that the lubricant spreads everywhere.

You can’t walk on it while it is lubricating by itself because the pressure will not help it spread evenly and carefully.

Final Words

Doing this sort of maintenance is pretty simple, as you can see. The only extra cost you had was on the lubricant itself. This sort of lubricating should be done at least once a month if you want to avoid damaging your belt.

That’s why you should know how to apply treadmill lubricant yourself, or else you will have to buy a new belt every time and use up twice the amount of lubricant you usually need. Or you might have to spend money on hiring someone to do it for you.

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